Wednesday, January 29, 2020

What Parents Should Know About Food Allergies #childhoodallergies #healthy2020 #healthykids

Childhood allergies are important for every parent to be aware of! Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is continuing our healthy living focus with key information parents need to be aware of to be aware of childhood allergies. This article may contain affiliate links.

If you have a son or daughter, your top priority is to ensure that they’re kept safe and healthy. Other things -- such as their happiness, academic prowess, and kindness are also important. However, they’re all secondary to their health -- it's the foundation that allows them to move onto bigger and better things! Your child’s health can be compromised by any number of sources. There are illnesses and diseases, dangerous ways to play, etc. Aside from choking hazards, we don’t tend to think of food as something that can harm them.

However, that's not the case! A significant portion -- around 7.6% -- of children have an allergy to at least one food. The side effects of these allergies can range from mild discomfort to life-threatening situations. The good news is that the dangers of food allergies can be kept at bay with a little thought and care. The first step for any parent is to learn about the most common food allergies in children -- including peanuts, shellfish, and cow milk. It’s also important to be aware of food allergy symptoms, and to get your son or daughter checked if you suspect they might have an allergy. In young children, it’s also possible to take proactive measures to prevent an allergy from taking hold.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tutorial: Assembling a Super Bowl Taco Bar with Ortega® #superbowleats #tacobar #ortega

The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday. That means great commercials...and lots of amazing FOOD!! Today, I'm going to show you step-by-step how to create a fun and tasty Super Bowl Taco Bar featuring delicious Ortega® taco products. I use their taco shells, Taco Skillet Sauce, refried beans, taco sauce, and robust Flavor Craver sauces for my taco fixings. Then, I use a fun football field serving platter I found a couple of years ago at my local dollar store as the taco bar's centerpiece. I'll show you just how easy it is to create this simple football-themed display.
As this video shows, assembling my taco bar is a total snap! My football field tray had sections to hold shredded cheese, pico de gallo, and guacamole. Sour cream and the trio of taco sauces are spooned into four smaller sections in the tray's "end zones." The end result is a display with great eye appeal...and taste! 

Now...I'll show you the step-by-step process to cook and set up your own Super Bowl Taco Bar. I promise it's simple...and it takes less than an hour.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Five Rules for Dinner Parties #dinnerparty #homeentertaining #throwaparty

I LOVE planning dinner parties! There's nothing better than inviting a few of your favorite friends and family members to your home for a delicious meal. Good company...delicious food...and a custom music playlist is a magical combination! Want to throw a dinner party...but don't know how to get started planning? Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing five easy rules to ensure you cover all your dinner party bases! This article may contain affiliate links.
Dinner parties are always a great way to show off your gourmet cooking skills. So...get ready to invite your friends or family over, pop a few bottles of wine, and enjoy each other’s company! However, make sure you follow these five simple rules to ensure it's a great dinner party!

Rule 1: Set Up Correctly
Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

It’s important to establish the theme or type of dinner party you want to throw. Will it be a casual affair, a dress-up party, or even a formal gathering with bow ties? Determining the set up is important so you can properly plan the food, decor, and music to match. It will also help you stay organized and ensure your dinner party goes off without a hitch. For the menu, it’s important to agree on what type of food to serve. Will you serve a sit-down meal, buffet-style -- or maybe even just appetizers and cocktails?

Rule 2: Make Sure You Have Enough Space
Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

You wouldn’t be the first host to get over-excited and invite too many people -- only to not have the time or space to feed everyone. Make sure you determine a reasonable number of people so you can plan accordingly and avoid embarrassment when your food runs out after 10 minutes. It’s best to finalize the number of guests so you make the appropriate space for everyone to comfortably fit around the table. You don’t want guests to feel uncomfortable, nor do you want your best friend getting stuck in a conversation with a guy asking her What are dabs?”.

Rule 3: Send Proper Invitations
Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

Just because it’s a small dinner party doesn’t mean it can’t feel and look professional. Formal invitations are a nice touch to any dinner party, and they get your guests excited for what’s in store for them when they arrive. The invitation you choose helps set the tone and should include clear instructions on when the dinner party will take place -- and also what to wear. 

Rule 4: Don’t Use Too Many Utensils
Photo by Jade Seok on Unsplash

Even if they look nice, try to avoid putting too many excess utensils on the dinner table. This keeps your table looking clear and concise, and it won't confuse any of your guests around the dinner table. If you don’t need an oyster fork for the meal your serving, then don’t put one on the table! 

Rule 5: Be Clear About the Food
Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

It’s important to clearly notify your guests what the food you'll be serving at the dinner party. This helps anyone with allergies or specific diet preferences notify you beforehand. For example: you don’t want to put a plate full of shellfish in front of someone with a serious allergy, nor do you want to serve a huge piece of of meat to a vegan. Make sure your guests know what type of food is going to be served so there's no drama around the dinner table. You certainly don’t want any awkward moments if your guests are unable to eat their food!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Super Bowl Food...Featuring Loaded Tex-Mex Chile con Queso #gamedayfood #appetizer #dip #chipsandqueso

The Super Bowl is NEXT WEEKEND! My Texans aren't playing this year...again...but we're huge football fans and love the hype around the Super Bowl. Don't get me started on all of the amazing commercials! If you're planning a Super Bowl watch party, you need plenty of I'll be sharing some fun game day snacks this week. I've got a DOOZY to share today! I decided to create my personal spin on a classic Tex-Mex appetizer: chile con queso! Cheesy queso pairs perfectly with crispy tortilla chips. It's typically made with easy-to-melt processed cheese, green chiles, and diced tomatoes. My Loaded Tex-Mex Chile con Queso takes this iconic dip to new culinary heights -- and there's not a speck of processed cheese in sight! 

My hearty, chunky queso is flavored with spicy Mexican chorizo sausage, aromatic veggies, diced tomatoes, and a shot of tequila for fun. This dip is super creamy thanks to the addition of two kinds of cheese. My twist? Just before serving, this moderately spicy queso is topped with a generous amount of chunky avocado-pico de gallo salsa. This hearty queso is best served with sturdy tortilla chips and warm flour tortillas for dipping. It basically combines the best flavors queso and guacamole into one delicious bite!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Three Ways to Look After Yourself This Year #healthy2020 #livehealthy #selfcare

Life is hectic...and busy! It's often hard to find time to take a break for ourselves. However, self care is vitally important! That's why we're taking a vacation to Atlanta and Savannah next month. As The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent explains, there are a trio of ways that allow us to look after our personal well-being this year! This feature may contain affiliate links.

We are always so busy rushing from task to task that it's rare that we prioritize taking care of ourselves. When we juggle life -- from home to family to work -- our self care often slips to the bottom of the pile. Today, we want to share a few ideas to put yourself back on top. Here are three excellent ways to look after yourself this year. 
How good are you at taking a break? We so rarely slow down, because we always have so much to do -- things that don't get done if we rest. We understand this and know the feeling --but if you don’t take time for regular rest, you'll struggle to perform at your best. Aim for an early night in bed once every week or so. Go up to bed half an hour or so earlier than you normally would...and you'll soon feel the benefit.

Switch off by reading a book every day. Reading lowers your stress levels and improves your blood pressure -- along with increasing your vocabulary, boosting your creativity, and improving your memory. Reading is also a great way to rest, so curl up with a book and a hot drink to take a little time out from your day.

Why not enjoy a hot bubble bath? You can put on some relaxing music, light a few candles, and then sink into those luxurious bubbles. Even if you only manage to grab 10 minutes in the tub, you'll emerge feeling rested and relaxed. 

Improve Your Health and Fitness
Think about your current health and fitness levels...then look at ways you can improve by fitting simple changes into your schedule and routine. For example: you could aim to increase your water intake, walk to work instead of driving or taking the bus, or even look into ways to enjoy cooking at home so you cook from scratch more often rather than eating out. 

It's often the little things that you manage to turn into habits that make the biggest difference in your health and think carefully about things you want to do differently this year to improve your health and fitness. 

Go On Adventures
We all know that travel broadens our minds and expands our experiences, so make this the year that you get out there and go on some fun adventures! The adventures you take will boost your confidence and offer you a fresh perspective. New experiences like traveling to visit new places will reinvigorate you, along with giving you plenty to look forward to.

You might be keen to try something exotic like Borneo Tours -- or maybe you want to trek in Peru. You might instead want to explore San Francisco...or perhaps you're drawn to a trip to Scotland. Turn those dreams into reality and book your dream vacation this year! If far away travels are not possible, take some time to go on an adventure closer to home. Pack a picnic and take a road trip somewhere new this weekend! You will soon see there are plenty of adventures to be had right in your backyard. 

Veggie Spotlight: Root Veggie-White Bean Salsa #eatmoreveggies #beans #appetizers #salsa #addchips

One of the key healthy eating goals for 2020 is to eat more plant-based dishes. That means I'll be sharing lots of great veg-friendly recipes in here over the coming months! Today, I'm sharing my flavorful Root Veggie-White Bean Salsa. This versatile recipe can be used as an appetizer with baked tortilla chips...but it's also perfect for a light lunch entree! It features a trio of root veggies: chopped baby carrots, purple onion, and diced jicama. Canned white beans are a quick and simple way to add protein and fiber to the mix. A few more ingredients are added to the mix, and everything is tossed in a tangy, spicy cilantro-lime dressing. This chunky salsa is colorful to look at, tastes great...and it only requires 15-20 minutes to assemble!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Three Things That Can Help You Keep Your Spirits up When Going through a Tough Time #healthy2020 #mentalhealth #overcomingobstacles

Healthy Living Month includes more than our physical health...our mental well-being is important too! Life isn't always smooth and easy..we all have tough times we have to overcome. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing three great tips to help keep your spirits up when these tough times come. This article may contain affiliate links.
Pixabay CC0 License

It would be great if life was always a blissful and uplifting experience...without any stress, tragedy, or disappointment. Of course, that’s not actually the world we live in. As unwelcome a fact as this may be, we all experience various troubles and difficult periods in our live -- which can range from needing to be admitted to a partial hospitalization rehab having to deal with a serious ongoing illness...or being let go from a “dream job.” Here are a few actions you can do that may help keep your spirits up when you're going through a tough time.

Take Time to Appreciate Life's Simple Pleasures
If the “big picture” of your life seems distorted and unclear, it’s all the more important to take time to notice and appreciate the simple pleasures in life – things you encounter in the everyday that can make things just a bit more bright and pleasant. For example: eat tasty and nutritious meals that you enjoy...pause to appreciate a beautiful sunset on your way home...or enjoy a soak in a relaxing, hot bath with Epsom salts.

The specific small blessings you encounter over the course of your day-to-day life will, of course, be particular to you and your unique circumstances. However, if you look carefully, there will always be something you can take the time to appreciate and be thankful for.

Force Yourself to Spend Time with People You Care About...and Share a Few Laughs
Spending time with people who you genuinely care about is one of the best ways to help safeguard and restore your emotional health. Doing so also helps shield you from whatever unwelcome situation you may be confronting. If you have a significant other, don’t push them away out of frustration or distraction. Instead, make sure to allow enough time for the two of you to spend together. If you have family you're close to who live nearby, make time to visit them. If you have good friends in town, make an effort to see them

During all of these meaningful interactions, it can be especially helpful to find the opportunity to share a few laughs – whether that means playing a game together, watching a funny movie...or just sharing personal anecdotes and inside jokes.

Stay Active, and Pursue Short-Term Goals and Hobbies
When there are big and frustrating issues to be dealt with and overcome, stagnation and inactivity are often an automatic side effect for your usual hobbies, goals, and ambitions. Don’t allow yourself to sit around in a state of listless despair, though! When you’re going through a difficult situation, it's critically important that you keep yourself active, continuing to pursue your short-term goals and activities.

Depending on the weight and difficulty of the situation you’re confronted by, these goals can be as small-scale as “cook dinner each night of the week.” The more you’re able to maintain a sense of control and direction -- even in the small things -- the better you will feel...and the better off you’ll be.

Tips to Focus On Your Health As You Get Older #healthy2020 #healthyaging #likefinewine

Aging is something we all have to deal with in our lives...but aging gracefully requires that we take proactive steps. As I've reached my 50's, I've had to face some significant health issues head on...requiring me to change the way I think, eat, and more! Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent continues Get Healthy Month with some great tips on staying healthy as we age. This article may contain affiliate links.

Getting older is a way of life, so it's something we all have to come to terms with. What we do to look after ourselves is important to ensure we live a long and healthy life. Here are a few important tips to focus on your health as you get older.
Image Source

Go for More Health Checks
Health checks are something you need to be diligent about when it comes to looking after yourself. However, we often make excuses for not doing so. The less attention we spend checking up on our health, the more likely we’re going to end up with a health issue we can’t easily solve or cure. That’s why it’s essential that you take medical checks seriously! Make sure that nothing else takes priority when it comes to your health. If you find this happenings, you need to find out why that is. Then, make changes to ensure you’re looking after yourself and putting your needs first above everything else. Finally, you can learn more about vulnerable your hearing.

Challenge Your Brain
Your brain keeps you alive -- as well as all of your other vital organs -- and one way to help the brain stay young is to continue challenging it whenever possible. Make sure you’re learning new skills...and that you’re making an effort to do anything possible to encourage brain activity on a daily basis. Doing sudoku and other brain puzzles like crosswords help ensure you stay active. Always look to challenge your brain where possible -- and don’t stop learning either! That’s what will help keep you young and help strengthen those areas in your brain that help retain information and -- more importantly -- your memory!

Be Wary of Dangerous Activities
There are many dangers in the world and, for many, we often have a lot more a daredevil in us when we’re young. As we age, we often become more fearful of bad things happening. Although you should live life, you want to be wary of dangerous activities. Try to avoid activities that could cause injury to your body -- or at least take more safety precautions whenever possible!

Have a Good Skincare Routine
Health isn’t just what’s on the inside -- it’s also part of the outside too! A good skincare routine is essential to making sure you look after yourself and protect yourself from dangers to your skin. For example: actions like wearing a good SPF are essential to ensuring you're not causing Sun damage to your skin.

Focusing on your health as you get older is important -- and it only gets significantly more so as you reach those years where it becomes a little more damaging for any small thing to happen. Look after yourself and the body you’re in, because you only get one!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Four Myths About the Mediterranean Diet #healthy2020 #eatbetter #eatforyourhealth

One of my healthy eating goals for 2020 is to incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables -- augmented by healthy, lean protein. Turns out, these are also cornerstones of the Mediterranean way of eating. Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing some common myths about the Mediterranean diet -- to show why it's a healthy lifestyle! This article may contain affiliate links.
It might be a bit late to start making New Year’s resolutions now...but there’s never a wrong time to start focusing more on your health. A large part of healthy living includes making diet and lifestyle changes that can improve your overall well being. If you’re looking for a way to improve how you eat -- but you don’t want to fall victim to quick-fix “fad diets” -- you might want to consider a Mediterranean-based approach to what you eat.

There are many benefits to eating a Mediterranean diet, but some people avoid doing so because they think it’s difficult to keep up with. There are other common myths and misconceptions associated with Mediterranean cuisine that can steer people away from giving this eating plan a try. Some of these myths -- and how to dispel them -- are discussed below. After reading, you can have confidence in this dietary change, which can help you look and feel your best. 

1. It Costs a Lot of Money
This is a common misconception with many diets that are heavily-focused on fresh fruits and vegetables. While organic produce and some of the lean fish the Mediterranean diet consists of can cost a bit more, it actually balances out quite quickly. The bulk of the Mediterranean diet is comprised of beans and lentils, which are typically very inexpensive. Whole grains and leafy greens also don’t cost much and can be added to create more substance to your meals. When you start to price things out, you’ll likely see that what you’re buying is much cheaper overall than pre-packaged or processed foods. 

2. It Promotes Drinking
On the Mediterranean diet, having one or two glasses of red wine each day is encouraged. There have been studies done on the cardiovascular benefits of red wine. However, you won’t find any mention of excessive drinking in true Mediterranean diet plans. That said...drinking more red wine doesn’t increase its health benefits. In fact, anything beyond two glasses daily can actually cause heart problems. So, while you can certainly enjoy a glass or two and toast to your health, don’t use this as an excuse to drink more! That’s not what the Mediterranean diet is intended for. 

3. There Are Limited Food Options
When most people think of Mediterranean cuisine, they think of fresh fish, vegetables, and wine. While those are definitely staples, you can create many interesting and flavorful dishes with a little bit of research and cooking knowledge. Recipe sites like The Mediterranean Dish have an endless supply of tasty, step-by-step recipes to help you create unforgettable meals. This will in turn make it easy to adopt healthy eating habits for the rest of your life without ever getting bored. 

4. It’s Only Food-Focused
This is, perhaps, the biggest myth surrounding the Mediterranean diet. In fact, it’s probably one of the least food-focused diets around. Yes, what you eat is important. However, adopting the Mediterranean lifestyle that surrounds food is what really sets it apart. Mediterranean people don’t “grab and go” when it comes to their food. They’re also not eating in front of their computer or watching television. Instead, they take time to enjoy their food at a leisurely pace while interacting with family and friends. Mealtimes are an experience, not just an excuse to eat. By doing this, you slow down while you eat -- and may even end up eating less because you’re satisfied faster. This way of life helps you to actually appreciate your meals. 

So, if you’ve been thinking about ways to get healthier this year -- and beyond-- look past the myths that surround the Mediterranean diet. Try it for yourself!

How a Full Health Check Up Can Start Making You Feel Good #healthy2020 #starttheyearright #focusonhealth

My Get Healthy 2020 spotlight continues today with a look at the importance of a yearly health checkup to ensure your body is operating at peak performance. Of course, that starts with cooking and eating healthy meals -- but there's so much more to consider! Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing which types of annual health checks are vital to start the new year off right. This article may contain affiliate links.
Image Credit License C0

A new year is a great reason to focus on your health! You may feel a bit run down after a few weeks of eating a poor diet over Christmas -- and the first few weeks of the new year can be hard to get motivated. If you’re in a location where the weather isn't fantastic during January, the cold, rain, and lack of Sun can also affect your mood and general health. That means getting your general health looked at is a good idea!

Your Hearing
We often overlook our hearing. Because it's something that always seems to be there, we often take it for granted. Whatever age you are, you can start to have hearing problems. Sometimes we don’t notice hearing problems until we notice we're having to repeatedly ask people to repeat something again for us. Getting your hearing checked is not a bad thing! Sometimes the cause of muffled hearing is simple -- like a buildup of ear wax or minor infection. In some cases, however, you may need to start wearing a hearing aid(s). If you already wear a hearing aid, you're not immune to having issues with built-up ear wax or infections -- learn more here.

Your Eyesight 
Another one of your senses that you should take good care of is your eyesight. Having your eyes tested every two years will help you keep your vision working at its best. Whether or not you wear glasses/contact lenses, you should make an annual appointment with your optician to have your vision tested. If your eyesight has changed, you may find yourself straining to see screens -- which can lead to headaches. 

Visit Your Dentist 
A trip to the dentist is something many people put off -- but getting your teeth checked at least annually is important! There are a number of dental problems that you won’t know about without visiting the dentist for a checkup. A regular dental exam will help pinpoint the warning signs of these issues. Then, you can make necessary changes to your dental hygiene routine to possibly avoid dental work -- or even losing an unhealthy tooth. 

Your General Health
Getting a general health checkup from your primary care doctor will help ensure that you don’t have any health problems you're unaware of. Sometimes you won’t notice the symptoms yourself. However, when the doctor does their exam, they may notice certain signs/symptoms. High blood pressure is one example of something that a physician could pick up on. Once a health issue is discovered, you can take preventative steps in your life to improve your health. For example, you can change aspects of your diet, cut down on alcohol consumption, and start to exercise more.  

The other area of your overall health you should check in on is your mental health. This category is often overlooked. However, by asking yourself how you're feeling -- in general -- each day will help you identify problems and quickly address them.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

How to Enjoy Cooking In the Kitchen More #lovetocook #jumpinandlearn

Are you a novice cook? If you're here, you most likely have at least some interest in cooking! For inexperienced cooks, the kitchen can be an intimidating place...but it doesn't HAVE to be! Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing some great tips to help you foster a love of cooking! We all have to start somewhere...and we all make mistakes. Even experienced cooks like yours truly!
Cooking in the kitchen tends to be something you either love or hate. Your childhood -- and the influence you had in your own family kitchen -- will help shape your relationship with the kitchen. It’s important to have fun in the kitchen! Doing so can certainly help improve your view of food/cooking...and how to properly balance healthy and unhealthy food. Here are some tips to help you enjoy cooking in the kitchen.
Image Source
Keep Your Kitchen Space Clean
As a rule, it’s important to keep your home clean, because it’s healthy to live in a clean environment. The kitchen is one area of the home that can get messy very quickly -- so it’s good to always keep this area clean. Make sure that every time you cook, you clean up as you go. That’s the best way to ensure everything stays clean, including work surfaces and appliances.

If you’re not someone who likes cleaning as you go, work with your partner or family to delegate kitchen roles. For example: you may prefer preparing food, while someone else might like cooking the food. That frees you up to clean as they’re cooking. Having respect for your kitchen area is important! If you don’t look after the space you’re cooking in, it can be very easy to avoid cooking at home all together. Make sure you have a good selection of cleaning products on hand that work for the various appliances and dishes that need cleaning.

Get the Right Appliances
The appliances you can get for a kitchen are vast, and they're a lot smarter and more advanced than the equipment found in kitchens decades ago. Think carefully about the appliances you need to make cooking easier, rather than making it more of a struggle. A dishwasher is important to ensure your dishes and cutlery are clean, and a microwave can help utilize more space than what your oven provides.

There are also a wide range of kitchen utensils -- including electrical versions of whisks, etc. -- that are worth having to make food prep easier. A good coffee maker or using a moka pot can elevate your coffee experience, and is definitely something worth getting. A food processor is also worth having if you enjoy baking and making food from scratch. Finally, a slow cooker is worth having if you want to leave a meal to cook hands off over a long period of time. 

Declutter the Kitchen to Create Space
A clean kitchen space is one thing, but it’s good to have more space when you’re cooking in the kitchen. It can definitely be frustrating to constantly move equipment to make room to cook. Like anything within the home, try to declutter your kitchen space every so often to make more room. Cupboards are definitely an area of the kitchen that can store old food containers and other small items that take up space. A good tip when it comes to saving on space is to use tiered storage for plates and other cooking utensils more room. These tier levels can maximize the room you currently have. Finally, think about anything you could add on the walls to to help free up some additional kitchen storage space. Creativity is key!

Start With What You Know
When you’re new to cooking, it can feel quite overwhelming. So start with what you know...and go from there! Even if the dish feels basic, you can always ease yourself into it and start working toward similar dishes that you might feel confident enough to try next!Image Source
Once you start with what you know, expand your knowledge with online resources or cookbooks. This can help with understanding how different foods are prepared and cooked. When you don’t have much experience, it can be tough to know how everything works if you’ve not had enough kitchen experience. Take your time and have fun -- if you get stuck, you can always consult the online world of the internet. You can literally find everything online to help with your cooking and kitchen queries.

Experiment with Herbs
Herbs are really good to incorporate flavor into your dishes! Once you start discovering all the different herbs and spices out there, it will certainly elevate your food! Start with the basics like basil, coriander, salt, and pepper...then start trying other options like cumin, dill, sage, or tarragon. Herbs can add so much more flavor to your dishes. They can also make cooking more enjoyable by experimenting with different herbs and combining them in different ways. 

Cook with Others
With cooking, it’s much more enjoyable when you're cooking for more than just yourself. If you live alone, try cooking shows where you cook along with the chef or host. You can also invite friends or family over for dinner -- to help in the kitchen or eat. If you live with a partner, then why not make cooking an activity that you do together? It can make cooking a lot more fun if you share the responsibilities together. Share the stages of cooking, put on some music, and enjoy a glass of wine as you cook. These little extras can definitely help to make cooking a more enjoyable process!

Remember: Everyone Starts Somewhere
It can be difficult when you’re not an experienced cook, and it feels like you’re in over your head. However, everyone starts somewhere! Knowing this can help you find the confidence you need to become a better cook. If you mess up, don’t worry...because it happens to everyone! A burnt cookie or a slightly over-seasoned casserole is something you’ll only learn from if it happens. Look at these mistakes as something you learn from. With each lesson you learn from, you’ll find yourself getting better and better in the kitchen. It can take time; however, the more confidence you get in your cooking, the more skilled you’ll be.

Learn the Basics
The basics are what you might or might not already know. Foundational task like boiling an egg or cooking pasta. The logistics and timing need to be learned first before moving forward to more challenging dishes. Start off with what you know, of course, but make sure you know the bread and butter of cooking skills. It’s these foundations that will help learning the other levels of cooking a little easier. After you’ve secured basic skills, you’ll definitely be able to conquer areas of cooking you might not have as much experience in.

Being able to have kitchen skills is really important! They define your relationship with food....and how you see it as part of your life. The more cooking skills you have under your belt, the better dishes you can create. That itself will make the entire cooking process more enjoyable for you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes -- they'll help improve your craft and skills in the kitchen. Learn the basics and develop your knowledge of dishes and herbs from there! It’s also something you can enjoy with the rest of the household.