Friday, October 22, 2021

San Antonio McDonald's Restaurants Now Hiring for Full- and Part-Time Positions! #mcdonaldsishiring

Are you currently looking for a job in San Antonio? Local McDonald’s restaurant Owners are actively seeking additional employees to join their teams! An increase in customer traffic has created an immediate need for additional staff to keep restaurants operating in a manner that provides an outstanding customer experience that fulfills McDonald’s promise of quality, service, cleanliness, and value. A
vailable jobs include full- and part-time opportunities based on each restaurant's specific needs. People who are interested in applying have a wide range of options to do so! They can apply in person, pick up an application at any participating San Antonio-area McDonald's location, submit an application online at, or use their smart phone to text APPLY to 38000. 

According to local McDonald's Owner/Operator Maria Acosta:

All local McDonald’s restaurants provide our communities convenient, familiar dining options. Our sales are strong, and we need additional employees to join our teams. We invite everyone who is looking for a job to join our McFamily. We offer a safe, fun, and friendly work environment where every employee is valued, rewarded, and given tools to grow professionally and personally. It does not matter if you are looking for your first job, or are looking to establish yourself in a long-term career. We are proud that McDonald’s provides outstanding opportunities for everyone...and offers flexible scheduling, tuition assistance programs, a competitive starting wage, and the chance to advance quickly to our management team.


Jobs at McDonald's include a wide range of employee benefits. Benefits provided to McDonald’s employees include local and national savings and discounts via their employee “McPerks” program, free uniforms, flexible scheduling, career counseling and educational resources, and college credit for advanced management courses. McDonald’s USA, LLC, serves menu options made with quality ingredients to 25 million + customers nationwide daily. Nearly 90% of McDonald’s 14,000 U.S. restaurant locations are independently owned and operated by businessmen and women. For more information, visit the McDonald's website, follow them on Twitter (@McDonalds), or visit their Facebook page.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for McDonald's. All information shared was provided by McDonald's.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

ABRAMS Dinner Party Spotlight: Scott Conant's Peace, Love and Pasta...Featuring Eggs In Purgatory #abramsdinnerparty #healthy2021#weekendbrunch #scottconant #eggs

I'm excited to share that I'm participating in the ABRAMS Dinner Party blogging group for my third year! I love receiving ABRAMS Publishing's new cookbook releases...and sharing some fabulous recipes with y'all! This season, I'll be sharing recipes that mesh with my new dietary changes...fewer carbs and more protein. The first cookbook I'm sharing is Chef Scott Conant's Peace, Love, and Pasta. You probably know Conant from his chef appearances on Food Network's Chopped. With my current eating plan, finding a recipe to feature from a pasta-centric cookbook seemed like a huge challenge at first glance. But? I immediately honed in on Chef Conant's Eggs In Purgatory recipe...eggs simmered in a garlicky herbed tomato base. I knew it would be a perfect weekend brunch treat! Since I was only feeding two people, I cut the recipe from the book in half...and I also used a lot less olive oil than the original recipe called for. 

With this cookbook, Chef Conant returns home to create his most personal cookbook. Recipes are made with simple, fresh ingredients that were staples of his childhood in a New England family...with roots in Southern Italy. Focusing on foods he grew up with...and the dishes he makes for his loved ones today...Peace, Love, and Pasta features simple, flavorful Italian recipes for home cooks to serve at their own table. This Eggs in Purgatory recipe is a perfect example of that simplified cooking style!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Healthy Appetizers for Game Day and Beyond...Featuring Shrimp Remoulade Deviled Eggs #healthy2021 #lightappetizers #gameday #homegating #deviledeggs

My favorite time of year is here! From now through the end of the year, there's Astros playoff baseball...weekly football games...and plenty of Fall/holiday entertaining. That means I have to carefully plan so I can enjoy some healthy appetizers while sticking with my healthy eating plan! Today, I'm sharing a fun, spicy spin on traditional deviled eggs. My spicy Shrimp Remoulade Deviled Eggs feature my favorite bold shrimp remoulade flavors in a two-bite appetizer! The yogurt-infused filling can be made up to a day ahead -- making assembly time just before serving quick and easy.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Fish Tostadas with Ranch-Feta Slaw...Featuring Outer Aisle Jalapeño Cauliflower Sandwich Thins #healthy2021 #cauliflowerthins #outeraisle #eatmorefish

By now, y'all know how much I love cauliflower sandwich thins and pizza crusts. I'm eating fewer carbs these days -- a key reason for my recent loss of nearly 50 pounds! I use their versatile, lower carb sandwich thins and pizza crusts to make everything from sandwiches...and more! Today? I'm using their lightly spicy Jalapeño sandwich thins as a sub for tortillas to make Fish Tostadas with Ranch-Feta Slaw. This flavorful cousin of traditional fish tacos has all the Big Flavors you want...with fewer carbs and less fat! My tostadas start with a base of toasted Outer Aisle jalapeño cauliflower thins that are spread with a simple avocado mash. Next is layer of spiced, pan-seared tilapia. Finally, each tostada is topped with a creamy-crunchy Ranch-feta slaw. Full of fun flavors and textures...but not excess calories = a winning scenario!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

San Antonio-Based Wholesome Meats Beef Now Available at Select Texas H-E-B Locations...Featuring Autumn Steak Salad with Balsamic Dressing #healthy2021 #sustainablebeef #wholesomemeats #HEB #entreesalad

Texas-based grocer H-E-B and San Antonio sustainable beef startup Wholesome Meats have partnered to bring regeneratively raised grass-fed beef to Texas H-E-B locations throughout the state...including their mutual home base of San Antonio, Houston, and Austin! Wholesome Meat's premium beef is born, raised, and grazed in the United States according to the highest standards. Wholesome Meats CEO Kent Wuthrich says, "...We believe that H-E-B customers want a sustainable choice and are thrilled to be working with such a forward-thinking grocer!" Today, I'm sharing a complete meal salad featuring Wholesome Meats' tender, flavorful tenderloin filet.

My Autumn Steak Salad with Balsamic Dressing showcases the health benefits of main dish salads...but using heartier cool-weather flavors. This hearty salad is bursting with so much delicious flavor and texture! The sublimely tender filet is definitely the star of the show here. However? The other salad components have the big flavors that are necessary to perfectly partner with the meaty beef! This salad has everything that you need for a complete meal: lean protein, organic baby field greens, seared mushrooms and zucchini, briny roasted red peppers, crumbled feta, chopped walnuts, and a tangy balsamic dressing.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Healthier Pizza with Outer Aisle Gourmet...Featuring California Chicken Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Chipotle-Ranch Drizzle #healthy2021 #fewercarbsandfat #lighteneduppizza

In the coming weeks, I'
m going to be partnering with Outer Aisle® to feature some healthier, lower-carb Fall and holiday recipes using their versatile and delicious cauliflower pizza crusts and sandwich thinsI love their products so much that I don't even miss high-carb bread, tortillas, pizza crust, etc.! I'm kicking things off today with a personal pizza that's a lighter homemade riff on a flatbread from Schlotzsky's restaurant. My California Chicken Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Chipotle-Ranch Drizzle tastes like a splurge...but it's much lower in fat and carbs! The inspiration for this modern spin on tradition pizza came from my friend Amber, who was looking for a way to enjoy a lighter version of this restaurant favorite at home. This is the end result of my tinkering around in the kitchen. One big reason that I love Outer Aisle pizza crusts is that I can enjoy an entire personal-size pizza. Chicken breast, turkey bacon, roasted red peppers, avocado, and green onion are reminiscent of your favorite club sandwich. Then? The mildly spicy chipotle-ranch drizzle takes every bite over the top!
I baked this pizza in an air fryer, but it can also be baked in a traditional oven. I provide directions for both cooking methods below. One of the biggest complaints I hear about cooking with cauliflower crusts and sandwich thins is that they make your final pizza/sandwich soggy. That's such an easy fix! Simply toast the cauliflower crust/thin in your hot air fryer or oven for about 8 minutes before you assemble for the final bake. The end result will be crispy and perfectly cooked. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

Healthy Soup...Featuring Tomato-Basil Shrimp Bisque #healthy2021 #tomatobasil #healthysoup #shrimpbisque


Labor Day is the official end of Summer...although we won't see truly cooler temperatures here in Texas for several weeks. I love soup year round...but when the weather turns cooler, I crave comforting soups! This year, I'm starting early so I can retool some of our favorite soup recipes to meet my new healthy eating goals. Today, I'm sharing a revamped version of Tomato-Basil Shrimp Bisque that features a double dose of basil, fire-roasted tomatoes, and Texas Gulf shrimp in a creamy base. This bisque is ready to eat in less than an hour...and it tastes fabulous! To reduce fat and calories in this bisque, heavy cream is replaced with a combination of reduced-fat cream cheese and plain unsweetened almond milk. I promise the end result is indeed creamy and full of flavor!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Healthy Game Day Appetizers...Featuring Creamy Cajun Shrimp Dip #healthy2021 #shrimpdip #healthyappetizers #gameday

Football season is nearly here again! For us? That means game day food. This year, however, I plan to focus on game day munchies that taste great...but have less fat, carbs, and calories. First up is today's recipe for Creamy Cajun Shrimp Dip. This chunky dip features sweet Gulf shrimp, green onions, Cajun seasoning, garlicky hot sauce, and other flavorful ingredients. To shave fat and calories...without sacrificing creamy texture...I use fat-free Greek yogurt and reduced-fat olive oil mayo. This dip takes less than 10 minutes to make with a food processor. But? That can be our little secret! Get ready for some serious compliments when your guests try this flavorful dip...

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Unreal Deli Steak Slices...Featuring Air Fryer Meatless Cheesesteak Pizza #meatlessmonday #plantbasedmeat #healthierpizza #unrealdeli #healthy2021

Earlier this Summer, I introduced you to Unreal Deli, a company that's created a line of delicious plant-based vegan deli meats. I used their sliced Turk'y to create this yummy Vegan Turk'y Wrap with Avocado Garlic Aioli

This time, I'm using their Unreal Steak Slices to create a vegetarian pizza...and it's made in the air fryer! My Air Fryer Meatless Cheesesteak Pizza is made with a lower-carb cauliflower pizza crust. It's made with the flavors commonly found in a cheesesteak sandwich...but lower in carbs and fat! Each personal size pizza features a creamy "pink" sauce, provolone cheese, and strips of Unreal Deli Steak Slices...along with cooked mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions. Using the air fryer to bake these pizzas ensures they bake up golden in about 7 minutes! The end result is something so cheesy and yummy that even the most picky eaters won't miss having traditional meat. My Texan Daddy is a true meat lover. He ate this pizza for lunch earlier this week and declared it delicious! I tailored this recipe to be compliant with my Optavia eating plan...but it's perfect for anyone who's trying to eat fewer carbs and more meatless meals.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Roast Chicken 101...Featuring Knock-You-Socks-Off Lemon-Herb Roasted Chicken #healthy2021 #roastchicken #chicken #kitchen101

Let’s face facts, my friends. Roasted chicken can be a thing of beauty…or it can be a dry, tasteless mess. Today, I’m sharing my technique for ensuring your roasted chicken comes out of the oven with crispy golden skin and juicy, flavorful meat. Once you have a few simple tricks up your culinary sleeve, you’ll be ready to make the perfect roasted chicken. My Knock-Your-Socks-Off Lemon-Herb Roasted Chicken is flavorful and juicy – even the breast meat! All you need is 5-10 minutes to prep your bird...then your oven does the rest of the heavy lifting for you! After several years of trial and error, here are my tips for roasting a perfect chicken:
  1. Start with the best chicken you can get your hands on -- free range, organic, or locally farm raised are best.
  2. Flavor and season your chicken on the outside AND the inside. I rub my bird down with herbs, salt, and pepper. Then, I stuff it with flavorful aromatics.
  3. Roast your chicken in a Dutch oven. I start out cooking it covered, then remove the lid for the final 10-15 minutes to ensure the skin is crispy and golden brown.
  4. The key to juicy meat -- even breast meat? Let your chicken rest for 10-15 minutes before carving. This allows the juices to redistribute back into the meat -- which results in the juiciest meat possible!
Wait until you see how tasty this citrusy-herbal roasted chicken recipe's sure to become a staple recipe in your dinner rotation!

Friday, August 13, 2021

Healthy, Fast Weeknight Dinner...Featuring Greek Chicken with Zucchini, Tomatoes, and Mushroos #sheetpandinner #nostressmeal #mediterraneanflavor #healthy2021

My least favorite thing to do after a busy day is wash a bunch of dirty pots, pans, and dinner dishes! Sheet pan dinners --which cook an entire meal using just ONE pan -- are a perfect solution to both save time and streamline kitchen cleanup! Today's healthy weeknight dinner recipe is Greek Chicken with Zucchini, Tomatoes, and Mushrooms. This simple dinner features select Summer veggies and Mediterranean seasonings with chicken breast chunks to create a delicious one-pan dinner. This dish literally takes 10 minutes to prep, then it roasts in the oven for about 30 minutes. That gives you a pocket of time to whip up a salad or other side dish. Life these days can be hectic...but dinner doesn't have to be!

Sunday, August 8, 2021

San Antonio McDonald’s Locations Celebrate Teacher Appreciation as New School Year Begins! #mcdonalds #teacherappreciation #backtoschool2021

Summer has flown by...and students in the San Antonio area will begin the 2021 – 2022 school year on Monday, August 9th. As the new school year begins -- and educators head back into classrooms across Texas -- San Antonio McDonald’s restaurants are showing their support by offering free breakfast for all teachers! On Wednesday, August 18th from 600-900 a.m., teachers -- and all school staff -- who present a valid work ID will receive a free breakfast combo meal! Breakfast combo meals include a breakfast sandwich, crispy hash browns, and a small McCafé® Premium Roast Coffee (or a small soft drink).

McDonald’s has a long history of supporting educators in its communities. Earlier this year, McDonald’s provided Be Our Guest cards to teachers in South Central Texas. These cards offered them a free any size McCafé beverage and a baked good. Past educator appreciation efforts include delivering food to schools, supplying classroom materials in the form of Happy Meal Readers, and offering fundraising opportunities for supplies and student field trips via McTeacher Nights. According to local McDonald's Owner/Operator Maria Acosta, teachers have an important role in their communities:

Teachers have such a powerful impact in our communities; their influence carries on through a lifetime. This is just a small gesture to say thank-you to some wonderful people. It is important to us that McDonald’s continue its support of our educators and remain a good neighbor, good friend, and community partner.


This free breakfast offer is valid at participating South Central Texas McDonald’s restaurants in San Antonio, Austin, Victoria, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Bryan/College Station, and Del Rio. However, the offer is not valid for McDelivery or Mobile Order & Pay. 

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for McDonald's. As always, all opinions stated are solely my own.


Friday, August 6, 2021

Walden Farms® Reformulates Its Salad Dressing Line...Featuring Deconstructed Chicken Quesadilla Salad #healthy2021 #salad #waldenfarms #eathealthy

One of my favorite condiment lines has recently received a makeover! Walden
® recently introduced a major re-brand, starting with more than 20 salad dressings. The improved dressings now include natural flavors...along with updated packaging. Walden Farms dressings contain no artificial flavors and dyes...and they feature real vegetables and fruit fibers. The best news? Their dressings perfectly solve the dilemma of adding unnecessary fat and calories to an otherwise healthy salad! That's because Walden Farms' great tasting dressings have zero calories, zero net carbs, zero sugar, and zero fat. I used their spicy Chipotle Ranch dressing to create a salad that will crush your Tex Mex cravings! My Deconstructed Chicken Quesadilla Salad has the south-of-the-border flavors you love...without excess fat and carbs. Instead of tortillas, the quesadilla component of my salad is made with carb-friendly cauliflower thins. Also included are seasonal veggies, spicy seared chicken, a bit of guacamole and cheese...and a drizzle of Walden Farms Chipotle Ranch. Every bite of this main dish salad is a explosion of flavor...with zero guilt!

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Spotlight on Texas-Based Wholesome Meats...Featuring Mediterranean Beef Cauliflower Rice Bowls #regenerativefarming #texasbased #healthy2021 #healthybeef

Today, I'm excited to tell you about Wholesome Meats, a Texas-based company that's literally changing the way beef is raised!
Ranchers across the country -- including just outside of San Antonio -- are utilizing regenerative agriculture methods to produce better beef. Wholesome Meats is a San Antonio-based beef brand that's dedicated to regenerative agriculture. Their flavorful premium ground beef helps heal the planet via regenerative grazing practices. This approach rebuilds rich topsoil by capturing harmful carbon from the atmosphere -- which produces a carbon-negative product. This week, I received a sampling of their beef products to create some healthy beef recipes. Wholesome Meats beef is grass fed...and it's raised without chemicals, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. I used their 85/15 ground beef to modify one of their recipes to meet the macros of my OPTAVIA lifestyle. My Mediterranean Beef Cauliflower Rice Bowls are hearty, lower in carbs, and bursting with bright Mediterranean flavors.
The beef is lightly spiced with oregano, garam masala...typically found in curry...and a bit of minced shallot. Fresh in-season Summer veggies, reduced fat feta, and a dollop of plain Greek yogurt top a base of cauliflower rice. The end result is filling...without being heavy. This dish comes together in about 30 minutes. It can be ready in even less time if you prep your veggies earlier in the day.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Build a Healthy Salad with Bolthouse Farms Creamy Yogurt Dressings...Featuring Summery Lemon Basil Shrimp Salad #Healthy2021 #salad #summereats #shrimp #lemonbasil

Summer is in full swing here in Texas...which means we're eating more main dish salads for dinner! It's a win-win situation, because I don't have to heat the oven...and it's an excellent way to make sure we're eating plenty of healthy veggies. What many people don't realize is that the majority of the calories and fat found in most salads comes from the dressing used. Because I don't want to sacrifice flavor -- or creamy texture -- I use Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressings in many of my salad creations. Today, I'm featuring their tangy, herbal Lemon Basil Yogurt Dressing to flavor my Summery Lemon Basil Shrimp Salad. A 2-TBS serving of this delicious dressing has just 40 calories...and only 2.5 grams of fat! What this gluten free dressing doesn't have is artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives. Today's salad creation features a delicious chunky shrimp salad served on a bed of in-season Summer veggies...and heart-healthy avocado. The end result is a seasonal dinner entree that's filling...without leaving you feeling stuff and bloated. To save a bit of prep time at dinner, the shrimp salad can be made early in the day and stored covered in the fridge until you're ready to assemble the salad(s) later that evening.

Celebrating National Tequila Day In Style...Featuring Tequila-Shrimp Confetti Guacamole #NationalTequilaDay #guacamole #shrimp #summerappetizer

So...LAST Saturday was National Tequila Day! I planned to celebrate this festive occasion by sharing my very favorite tequila-infused Summer appetizer. However, a technical glitch kept this amazing recipe from posting as scheduled. Better late than never...I declare that EVERY Saturday is a good time to celebrate tequila! My Tequila-Shrimp Confetti Guacamole is a flavorful layered dip that features a base of tequila and lime-infused guacamole that's spooned into a large margarita glass. The guacamole is topped with a layer of boozy pico de gallo -- which is crowned with sweet shrimp tossed in a tequila-infused cocktail sauce. This gorgeous appetizer is colorful to look at…and even better to eat!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

My New OPTAVIA® Healthy Lifestyle...Featuring Creamy Queso Chicken #optavia #Healthy2021 #chickenleanandgreen #yummyanddelish

I need to take a moment to apologize for being a bit MIA around here so far this Summer. I've been focusing pretty much exclusively on my health the past few weeks...and now I want to share my experience with you! As a stroke recovery patient, my cardiologist and pulmonologist have strongly encouraged me to lose weight -- at least 50 pounds -- for a couple of years! The trifecta of reduced endurance post stroke...medications that make it difficult to lose weight...and hazards of cooking/recipe development + eating out as a busy food blogger! I've tried several diet plans over the past couple of years, with mixed results. When I saw my cousin this Spring, she looked amazing and had lost 60+ pounds. When I asked what she had done to achieve weight loss success, she told me about the OPTAVIA® plan. Based on her successful results, I decided to give the plan a try, so I started on May 7th. As of July 9th, I've lost 28.2 pounds and 13 total inches! Even better? I have tons of energy, and I'm sleeping better than I have in ages. 

I personally follow the OPTAVIA
® 4&2&1 Plan. Every day, I eat four OPTAVIA® Fuelings, two healthy Lean & Green meals that focus on lean proteins and vegetables, and one healthy Daily Snack. Fuelings include shakes and smoothies, protein bars, savory items like mashed potatoes, and even desserts like pudding or brownies. I literally eat every 2-3 hours during the day, so I'm rarely hungry. As the picture at the right shows, my skin is clearer...and my face is already looking less full. This is truly the easiest weight I've ever lost. I wanted to share a sample Lean & Green recipe with y'all today so you can see how I'm eating these well as the types of recipes you can expect to see me share here going forward. Creamy Queso Chicken is my personal spin on an OPTAVIA® recipe. I made it for us to enjoy while watching the Astros-Yankees game last weekend. It's warm and creamy...and very hearty. 

This warm dip is served with crudite veggie dippers in the original recipe. However, I used the Creamy Queso Chicken to make chicken guacamole tostadas using cauliflower round thins instead of tortillas for dinner. This recipe is simple to whip up and makes four generous servings. Tweaks I made to the original recipe include using scallions in place of chopped cilantro, subbing 2% four-cheese Mexican blend for sharp cheddar...and adding a bit of dry Ranch dressing mix for extra flavor. The end result is a creamy, versatile dish everyone loved!

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Summer Sips with Torani® Puremade Zero Sugar Syrups...Featuring Zero Sugar Peach Raspberry Sparkling Iced Tea #zerosugar #summersips #Healthy2021 #icedtea #summerpeach

Summer is in full swing...which means staying adequately hydrated is especially important! Here in Texas, iced tea is very often the Summer beverage of choice. However, it's typically is sweetened with tons of sugar...which means excess calories and carbs. Today, I'm sharing a recipe for a refreshing sparkling iced tea that features tons of natural peach flavor thanks to the addition of Torani® Puremade Zero Sugar Peach Syrup. Puremade Zero Sugar flavoring syrups are GMO-free...and they contain ZERO artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners. I especially love that Torani® 
Puremade syrups are sweetened with natural erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit instead of artificial sugar substitutes! My Zero Sugar Peach Raspberry Sparkling Iced Tea is fizzy and fruit forward thanks to the addition of flavorful Puremade Zero Sugar Peach Syrup, a simple puree of fresh peaches and raspberries, and fragrant peach herbal tea. The fizz comes from raspberry and peach sugar-free sparkling waters. This colorful iced tea also makes it a perfect mocktail for Summer entertaining!

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Hi-C Orange Lavaburst is BACK at McDonald’s #mcdonalds #hiclavaburst #summersips

I’ve got some exciting news to share today! McDonald’s restaurants nationwide—including San Antonio area locations—welcomed back a long-time customer favorites beverage this month. Just in time for Summer sipping, Hi-C Orange Lavaburst is back! The name of the original Hi-C Orange was changed to Orange Lavaburst in 1993…but it still has the iconic orange TASTE you likely loved when you were growing up! McDonald’s first introduced this refreshing non-carbonated beverage more than SIX DECADES ago…it’s been a customer favorite since 1955. McDonald’s locations have added this classic orange beverage as a Core offering at their in-store soda fountains…making it easily available for cooling off on hot Texas afternoons! McDonald’s is known for offering its customers a wide range of beverage options, so Hi-C Orange Lavaburst is now available for all Combo Meals as a non-soda option. As part of the company’s overarching nutrition goals—in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation—kids Happy Meal beverage options will consist of water, milk, and apple juice.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for McDonald’s. All-nighter opinions expressed are solely mine.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Unreal Deli Vegan Deli Meats Available at H-E-B Locations in Texas...Featuring Vegan Turk'y Wrap With Avocado-Garlic Aioli #veganmeat #plantbased #Healthy2021 #healthyanddeliciuos

What if I told you that you could enjoy delicious plant-based vegan deli meat?!?!? Thanks to Unreal Deli, this is a delicious reality! You may have seen Unreal Deli on Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban signed on to partner with the company. Unreal Deli is 
quickly becoming the leading provider of plant-based deli meat across country. Their products are now available at 140 H-E-B locations here in Texas! Unreal Deli started in founder Mrs. Goldfarb's home kitchen. She's got true deli credentials thanks to her family's more than a century in the traditional meat-based deli business. Many people have misconceived notions about plant-based meats...but they're becoming increasingly popular as people seek to eat healthier and live a cruelty-free life. However...taste and texture are also important!

I'm happy to report that Unreal Deli plant-based meats have a meaty texture...and they taste great! I used their Turk'y to create my healthy and tasty Vegan Turk'y Wrap with Avocado-Garlic Aioli. It features Unreal Deli's flavorful Turk'y and vegan provolone cheese, a creamy vegan avocado-garlic spread, and plenty of in season Summer veggies. Everything is wrapped up in a high-fiber, low-carb Lavash flatbread. The wrap is served chilled, making it a perfect lunch for hot Summer days. However, the true test was how my meat-loving Texan Dad would react when I served this wrap to him for lunch this week. More on the results of his taste test after I share the recipe.