Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet Jane Lynn Giveaway Winner...and I'm Off to New York!!

I have another confession to make: I've truly been a bit off kilter this week. Between crazy pre-vacation work deadlines and errands and packing for our long weekend in New York, I only managed to get into the kitchen to cook once or twice this week. I feel like I'm out of my groove, so to speak. When I don't cook, I feel a bit out of sorts...twitchy if you will. But? I promise that I'll be back next week with all sorts of fun food adventures and pictures from New York. Hard to believe that his time tomorrow night, we'll be in the NBC studios at 30 Rock watching SNL from the audience...we're still pinching ourselves. New York is one of our very favorite cities, so this little weekend getaway is perfect for us!! 

We have an early flight, and we're still not quite done with our I need to make this short!! I wanted to check in before I head out for three days. We have lots of fun stuff planned: the show tomorrow night, Pat Metheny at The Blue Note on Sunday night, and lots of food adventures. Sunday is our designated foodie day: we're planning a LES food walk. We plan to hit Doughnut Plant, Kossar's to try a bialy, Vanessa's Dumpling House, and Il Laboratorio de Gelato. After a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to digest a bit and take advantage of some great photo ops, we'll end the afternoon with pizza at Lombardi's and chocolates at Kee's (...if I can find it!). Maybe I should wear a pair of stretchy pants that day...I kid, I kid!

I promise to bring my trusty camera along to capture all the fun so I can share it with you when I get back. And I promise to get back into my kitchen next week and cook up some fun stuff to share!! In the meantime, I want to announce the winner of my Sweet Jane Lynn cake ball truffle giveaway. Per the random number generator, the winner is:

#9: Lindsey from Gingerbread Bagels

Congrats to you, Lindsey...I'll be in touch in just a sec to get your shipping info so I can connect you with Angelica. She will coordinate with you to pick the flavors you'd like for your custom 12-truffle assortment and get it shipped out to you shortly.

Ok...time to go wrap up our packing and try to get to sleep before midnight. We have a plane to catch very early in the morning! But, the payoff is that we'll be in Midtown Manhattan early enough to have Shake Shack Burgers for lunch. By 200 tomorrow afternoon, I'll be chowing down on a meal that looks remarkably like THIS!

See you next week...with lots of fun adventures to share! Until then...this is The Weekend Gourmet bidding you bon voyage!!

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