Friday, December 2, 2011

Fage Good Living Program Part 3: Good Taste...Featuring a Roundup of Delicious Yogurt-Based Recipes

This is my third and final installment in the Fage Yogurt’s Fine Living program. Fage is offering selected Foodbuzz Featured Publishers up to three entries for posting about how Fage Greek yogurt helps them live a positive and active life. So far, I’ve told you about the people who make my life special…and I shared a recipe for a yummy roasted pork gyro with a chunky, flavorful yogurt sauce. Today's topic is Good Taste…which has two meanings. It can mean that someone has good taste…when it comes to decorating, personal style, or the way they dress. It can also mean that something tastes good. 

Since I’m no fashion plate…and this is a food blog…we’ll focus on the latter and ignore the yoga pants and t-shirt you usually find me in when I’m at the computer! I mentioned in my last post that Fage 0% Greek yogurt can be used as a measure-for-measure substitute for sour cream in dips and sauces. Even better, it’s fat-free and high in protein. Over the past few months, I’ve shared several recipes that feature Greek yogurt as an ingredient. I thought I’d share a few of these recipes "in good taste" in one handy spot, along with links to take you directly to a recipe that grabs your attention. 

Not only is this sandwich totally delish and healthy, it was my first-ever recipe to make the Foodbuzz Top 9!  It's one of my very favorite recipes from 2011. We totally loved how the Greek yogurt in the marinade made the chicken so juicy and tender…and the dill-flavored yogurt sauce is creamy and rich despite being fat-free!

This dip is made with a combination of sour cream and Greek yogurt for a super-creamy texture. Feta, cucumbers, green onion, and diced roma tomato combine to make a fantastic dip for pita chips. Because of the red and green color in the ingredients, this one would be a fantastic addition to your upcoming holiday parties and potlucks. Every time I make it, people beg for the recipe…and are surprised at how easy it is to whip up.

Fruit 'n Granola Yogurt Parfaits
This yummy parfait can be either a light dessert or a perfect weekend brunch. Juicy seasonal friut, creamy Greek yogurt flavored with brown sugar and honey, and crunchy granola combine for a fantastic mixture of flavors and textures.

This tuna salad is full of flavor thanks to curry powder, golden raisins, celery, green onion, and dill. It's all combined with a small container of fat-free Greek yogurt. It's delicious in a sandwich, but it's also a great party spread with crackers. Everyone I've served this to raves about the unusual combination of flavors.

These recipes are all in good I hope you'll give one or more of them a try during the upcoming holiday season! Do you like to use Greek yogurt in your cooking? If so, tell me how you like to cook with it...I'm always looking for new ways to use this versatile ingredient!

As part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Program, I have been entered for the chance to win a trip to Greece courtesy of FAGE. You too can enter to win one of three trips to Greece by entering the FAGE Plain Extraordinary Greek Getaway at:

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