Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exciting News...Big Changes Coming!!

Hello, may notice a few changes afoot here at The Weekend Gourmet! I have some very exciting news to share!! First off, I'm happy to officially announce that I have a new domain:!! This domain is via Blogger, so my old url will automatically forward readers here. Making this transition as easy as possible for myself and my readers was really important to me. 

After nearly two years of blogging, I decided that it was also time to  spruce things up around here a bit with some added functionality and a new look! You can see a few of the changes that are in effect already: first is the new banner, which I absolutely adore! I wanted to keep the look/feel of my original banner...but in a fresh new way! You'll also notice a white center box for my posts, and a fancy red font for all post titles. And that's just the beginning! Over the next week or so, be on the lookout for tabs at the top with jump pages for new and exciting content. 

Now is your chance to leave me a comment below...tell me what you think about the changes so far, and let me know if you have any suggestions to make The Weekend Gourmet reflect what YOU like to see when you come to visit. My readers are very important to me, so I want to know what you enjoy about The Weekend Gourmet...and what additions/changes you'd like to see. As always, I appreciate all feedback and comments!!

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