Saturday, November 16, 2013

#TheSaladBar for November...Featuring Sweet Potatoes!

Welcome to this month's #TheSaladBar post! This month's theme is sweet potatoes...what could be more perfect with Thanksgiving just around the corner?!?!? Our blog participants are sharing their favorite salad recipes that feature delicious, healthy sweet potatoes as an ingredient. Sweet potatoes not only taste great, but they pack a ton of nutrition, including: fiber, Vitamin B6, potassium Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. So...this is normally where I would tell you that I was very excited to share my recipe for Cornucopia Sweet Potato-Barley Salad and then show you a mouth-watering photo of said salad. Normally being the key word.

Instead, life intervened this week. I'm dealing with a demanding project at my day that's had me too busy and tired to make it into the kitchen to cook my dish. For that, I'm very sorry. However, I do plan to make it this week and share the recipe next weekend for your Thanksgiving side dish consideration. In the meantime, I hope you'll click on the pictures below and check out this month's #TheSaladBar sweet potato salad offerings. If you're like me, you like to serve a mix of family favorites AND a few new dishes each Thanksgiving. These are some great ideas to consider for your celebration.

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