Saturday, March 8, 2014

Guest Post: Delicious Desserts While Traveling

March is here...which means that it's Spring Break season! For many people, that means hitting the road for a little trip. Maybe a quick roadtrip...or perhaps someplace a bit further away. If you're a foodie, you're probably going to be seeking out some of the local specialties to sample -- whether you're traveling near or far. Today's guest post shares some of the best regional sweet treats to be on the lookout for as you travel the globe. 
Traveling requires you to get comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new foods. Dessert is no exception. When you are looking for that perfect food to soothe your sweet tooth, it doesn’t matter whether you are enjoying Florida and beach vacation destinations or Europe.
1. Beignets in New Orleans. You do not have to leave the US to enjoy a delicious treat. Beignets consist of deep-fried dough, usually topped with powdered sugar. The most famous beignet stop in New Orleans is Café du Monde. Regulars typically eat beignets alongside café au lait. 
2. Churros in Spain. Churros are often served at theme parks and fairs throughout the US; however, authentic churros are served in Spain. Spanish shepherds originally created these cylinders of deep-fried dough, typically coated in sugar and cinnamon. In Madrid, these treats are usually dipped in hot chocolate.
3. Baklava in Turkey. If you are traveling to Turkey, specifically Istanbul, the baklava is a must-try. The variety of textures layered together culminates in a crispy and gooey treat. The layers include nuts, honey, pistachios, and other sweet ingredients.
4. Dulce de Leche in South America. This sweet treat, made mostly of carmelized milk, is served throughout South America. Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, El Salvador, and Brazil. All serve variations of this delectable candy. Some countries serve it soft, while others prepare a sweeter version smothered in chocolate.
5. Bibingka in the Philippines. This rice cake is typically served in the Philippines during the Winter holidays. This spongy dessert is served warm, usually charred on the sides. Bibingka is often topped with chocolate or fruit.
6. Petit Fours in France. This confection is iced and decorated, and typically wrapped in fondant. Several types of petit fours are served in France. Glazed petit fours include éclairs and tartlets, whereas salted ones are savory and casual.
7. Trifles in the United Kingdom. No trip to the UK is complete without a trifle, typically served during the holidays. This layered dish typically includes custard, fresh fruit, jelly, sponge cake, and occasionally alcohol.

Even if you have tried some of these dishes at a local restaurant, nothing beats authenticity. Consider taking a vacation that allows you to explore culinary delights, treating yourself to a variety of new dishes you never would have tried otherwise.

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