Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Foodie by Glam #trop50 Girls' Night In Recipe Collection

Don’t get me wrong…I love hanging out with Michael at home watching our favorite TV shows or listening tosome great music. But...I have to admit that there’s something special about hanging out with your best girlfriends. Let’s face it…sometimes an evening hanging out “just the girls” for some good girl talk and fun refreshments is just what I need! I was recently selected to take part in Foodie by Glam’s Girls' Night In campaign. I’m going to share some of my favorite sips and nibbles inspired by Trop50 Raspberry Acai juiceTrop50 is perfect for Spring and Summer drinks! It contains 50 calories per serving and is lower in sugar than traditional juices. Not only that...it also includes a full day's supply of Vitamin C! The slideshow above shares 10 warm-weather drinks, many of which feature Trop50 Raspberry Acai. The other drinks I selected feature seasonal fruits and berries. To pair with my drink suggestions, I also selected a few noshes and nibbles that are simple to make and focus on healthy ingredients. Once you pick a couple of drinks and nibbles, you’re ready to party with your best gals.
My favorite party planning tips are centered on keeping the things stress free…the idea is to have fun, not stress over complicated menu items and fancy decorations! To keep stress low, I like to focus on food and drinks that can be prepped a day ahead. Punch and/or ice tea can be made up to a day in advance and chilled in a pretty pitcher in the fridge. I like to keep my d├ęcor simple too. I usually buy solid disposable plates/cups/cutlery…paired with pretty coordinating patterned paper napkins for a bit of pop! Because I want the focus to be on girl talk and lots of laughter, I set the mood with music, rather than a movie or TV program. Depending on the season, I like to create customized playlists from my large and varied music collection. For this Springtime Girls' Night Out, I created a mix that includes lots of feel-good music from Bob Marley, Motown, The Beatles…and even a bit of tropical salsa. The music really sets the mood, so pick your favorites and set your player on random. To complete the happy vibe, I love to burn scented candles…for this party, pomegranate or berry scents are perfect!
Good friends, tasty beverages and snacks, happy music…and girl talk? That, my friends, is the perfect combination for the ultimate Girls' Night In! I hope you’ll gather some of your best girlfriends and take time to hang out together -- whether it’s a weekday after-work party or maybe a relaxing weekend afternoon. Husbands and significant others are great, but it’s also important to nurture your relationships with the special women in your life!! I hope you’ll give the recipes in my collection a try and plan a ladies-only soiree of your own very soon. For more beverage inspiration, visit the Trop50 collection on Foodie.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Trop50 via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of  the opinions or positions of Trop50.

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