Monday, July 28, 2014

Mode Foodie August Recipe Collection...Featuring Sensational Summer Seafood

Check out Sensational Summer Seafood

by Wendy Wofford-Garcia at

For the August Foodie Contributor program, I'm sharing a collection of mouthwatering Sensational Summer Seafood recipes. Seafood is near and dear to my heart! I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast, about 30 minutes from Galveston. I grew up eating Gulf shrimp and fish that my Grandpa Wofford caught. From childhood, seafood has been some of my favorite food...and I still cook lots of fish and shrimp dishes. If I had to pick one favorite food, it would definitely be shrimp!

I pretty much love all seafood -- fish, shrimp, crab, scallops, crawfish, and lobster are my personal favorites. Seafood is perfect for Summer -- it's quick to cook, light, and so adaptable! The recipes I'm sharing run the gamut from seafood fish and shrimp salads and appetizers. Whether type of seafood you love, you're sure to find a fabulous recipe to try out for your next outdoor event! up the grill, grab a big boiling pot, and get chopping. These Sensational Summer Seafood recipes are party-ready and full of the Big Flavors I love!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored opportunity with Compensation was provided, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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