Monday, August 17, 2015

August Mode Foodie Contributor Program: New Spins on Party Dip!

Check out New Spins on Party Dip

by Wendy Wofford-Garcia at Mode

Let's face it...chips and dip is one of the most fun foods that you can eat! That's why you see it at every party you go to. However, the same old tired chips and salsa and plain onion dip can get a bit old after awhile. For this month's Mode Foodie Contributor article, I'm sharing eight fabulous new spins on party dip!! With football season and the holidays right around the corner, these recipes are great to have in your culinary bag of tricks. Serve one of these dips at your next party, and you'll be the hostess with the mostest. If you're invited to a party, take one of these dips to share and you'll be on everyone's guest list all season long! 

I'm sharing two fun sweet dip recipes that are great additions to any dessert table, an amped-up warm onion dip, a duo of baked dips that feature your favorite pizza and sandwich flavors, a fresh spin on chile con queso, and a fun corn-based Mexican-style dip. I couldn't resist sharing one of my favorite dips: my Tex-Mex Shrimp Cocktail, which is served chilled in a large margarita glass. Click on the link above to check out my New Spins on Party Dip slide show...and grab these great recipes!

Disclosure: This is a compensated sponsored post by Mode Foodie. All opinions expressed are solely my own. Pass the chips!

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