Monday, August 10, 2015

Purina® Beyond® Grain Free Cat Food…Featuring My Lucy and Maggie #PetsLoveBeyond #CollectiveBias #ad

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When I redesigned The Weekend Gourmet's header art a couple of years ago, I incorporated cartoon caricatures of our two cats: Lucy and Maggie. It made perfect sense to me: they're our family. Besides...whenever I cook, they're always by my side in the kitchen "supervising"...and hoping that I slip them a little taste of whatever I'm cooking. That's earned Lucy and Maggie the official title of "my four-legged sous chefs!" Since adding their likenesses to my header, I've had lots of readers ask me about them.'s the perfect time to tell y'all a little bit about my sweet girls Lucy and Maggie -- and why they love Purina® Beyond® Grain Free Cat Food.

Michael and I don't have children, so Lucy and Maggie are our furry babies -- they mean the world to us! Making sure they're happy and healthy is a big priority to us -- something that Purina® understands too! Lucy and Maggie are rescue kittens that we found abandoned and adopted into our family. Lucy is a feisty orange tabby. She’s super smart...and super sassy! She’s also very loving, as long as we don’t try to pick her up. Shortly after Michael and I got married, we found Lucy all alone in the parking garage of a local mall. She was a wee kitten on top of a pickup truck’s tire, dirty and full of fleas. We took her home, cleaned her up, and promptly fell in love. For the next 8 years, it was just the three of us. Lucy loves chasing treats and listening to music…her nicknames are Lucy Girl and Goose (short for Lucy Goose). She's camera shy and doesn't let us take a lot of pictures, but this is our favorite picture of her.
One Fall evening nearly 3 years ago, Michael and I came home from a late dinner. Michael said he heard a cat meowing somewhere in the parking lot. I ran inside to grab some cat food, expecting to see an adult cat. Instead, a tiny emaciated kitten with huge ears came toward me. I couldn’t leave her alone outside at night, so I brought her inside. She was so tiny and weak she could barely stand, and I could feel every single bone in her tiny body. She had a pretty rough start to life, but I was determined to help her grow and thrive. Maggie was only supposed to be a temporary visitor, until I found her a permanent home. Two weeks later, her name was Maggie…and she was a permanent resident. She loves going for walkies outside with me...and she sleeps right next to me every night. Her nicknames are Pie (short for Maggie Pie) and Chubs McGee -- and she's mostly grown into those ears!
I wish I could tell you that Lucy and Maggie are BFFs, but that’s really not the case. Lucy prefers being an only cat and wasn’t very happy to have a new addition to the family. She and Maggie seem to have their preferred zones around the house, and they don’t interact that much. I guess you can say they peacefully (mostly) coexist. Our favorite time of day is right after I get home from work. Both of our girls get a few treats and lots of pets. One thing that Lucy and Maggie can both agree on is that a bowl of nutritious, delicious cat food is the best way to start the day. Purina® Beyond® Grain Free Cat Food is the perfect food for my two best girls! I want them to live long, healthy lives…so what I feed them is important.
Purina® Beyond® grain free pet food products are natural, wholesome blends of quality products that help fuel Lucy and Maggie’s busy days. I purchase Purina® Beyond® Grain Free cat food in the pet food aisle at my neighborhood H-E-B grocery store location. There are several great flavors to choose from, but Lucy and Maggie’s favorite is White Meat Chicken & Whole Oat Meal Recipe. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, so it has lots of protein to help make my girls lean, mean feline machines! What it doesn’t have in its ingredients list is corn, wheat, soy, or poultry by-product meal. It also doesn’t have artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Without all that filler, there’s plenty of room for more of the good stuff that Lucy and Maggie need to stay healthy and energetic.If you want your cats to try out Purina® Beyond® Grain Free Cat Food, be sure to print a money-saving coupon to save on your first bag! I've shared how I stay connected with Lucy and Maggie after a long day at work. So tell me...what are some of the ways that you find time to connect with your special pet and show them how much they mean to you? Take a moment to tell me your pet’s name(s) and how much they mean to you in the Comments below!!

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