Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Enjoying Customized Mongolian Wok Meals...and Genghis Grill

I recently visited my local Genghis Grill here in San Antonio to create a yummy and healthy personalized Mongolian wok stir fry...and enjoy a few of their new and seasonal menu items. If you're not familiar with Genghis Grill's dining concept, they allow you to "build your own bowl" to create customized meals featuring your choice of more than 80 different ingredients: lean proteins, garden fresh vegetables, seasonings, and sauces. You're truly only limited by your imagination! To assemble your meal creation, you walk through a bar with stations featuring your choice of meats, freshly prepared veggies, and flavorful seasonings and sauces. Once your ingredients are assembled, one of the friendly cooks stir fries them for you on a large Mongolian-style wok.
If you need some help selecting a flavor profile, Genghis Grill offers handy menu cards that show you how to combine ingredients into their most popular flavor combinations. For this visit, I opted to create Chili Garlic Pork from the Heart Healthy menu. This spicy creation is served with fiber-rich brown rice and features pork, carrots, green beans, and mushrooms. I added extra veggies like sweet potatoes, cabbage, and green onion to up the veggie count even more. The end result was spicy and delicious -- the fact that it was heart healthy too was a fantastic  bonus!

My friend and I also tried a new appetizer on the menu, Thai Shrimp & Crispy Rice Lettuce Wraps. This fun shareable appetizer is spicy-sweet and features plump shrimp, carrots, green onions, toasted coconut, and crispy rice in a Thai peanut sauce. This flavorful combination is wrapped in tender butter lettuce.

This appetizer is light and refreshing, and perfect for sharing. It also packs a big flavor punch, along with lots of interesting textures. I can't recommend it highly enough! Enjoy it before you assemble your customized wok creation -- you can also enjoy them together. With our appetizer, we sipped on Genghis Grill's new Passion Ginger Limeade. Sweetly tart limeade is flavored with tangy passion fruit puree, mint, and spicy ginger. The combination of flavors works perfectly together -- this limeade is the perfect mocktail for a warm Spring afternoon! After we enjoyed our appetizer and wok creations, we were comfortably full. Then, the manager recommended that we give one of Genghis Grill's signature desserts a try.

All we had to hear were the words Cookie Butter Crispy Wontons served a la mode...and we were instantly onboard! This insanely good dessert features wonton skins stuffed with cookie butter and fried crisp. They're served over vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Words really can't describe how amazing this creative dessert is. If you've never had cookie butter, it's positively addictive! Cookie butter has the texture of peanut butter, and it tastes like buttery cinnamon cookies. When fried inside wonton skins, the cookie butter melts inside and becomes like liquid gold when you bite into the wontons. Combined with creamy ice cream and chocolate sauce, these sweet wontons become a rich and decadent dessert. That makes this dessert perfect for sharing as the perfect ending to your Genghis Grill meal! Since our appetizer and entrees were so light and healthy, we didn't feel guilty enjoying a little splurge for our dessert.

To find a Genghis Grill location near you, simply visit their handy searchable online Location Finder. Then, stop in and create your own customized wok meal creation. Whether you prefer a meatless creation, something spicy, or something heart healthy...Genghis Grill can make it happen. Because you choose only ingredients that you love, you're guaranteed to enjoy the end result. Their wok bowls come in three sizes to ensure that everyone enjoys exactly the portion that they want too.

Disclosure: Genghis Grill hosted me for dinner for two to facilitate this article. As always, all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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