Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family-Friendly Summer Fun...and Yummy Food...at Topgolf San Antonio #summerfun #familymemories

Over the Memorial Day weekend, our teenage niece Lili visited us from Ohio. We planned several fun, family-friendly activities during her stay -- including a visit to Topgolf. If you've never been to a Topgolf location, I highly recommend it! Even if you're like us and had never been golfing before -- other than playing putt putt golf -- you're guaranteed to have a fabulous time! The San Antonio Topgolf facility has three levels. Each one features comfortable bays with sofas and tables -- similar to bowling lanes, but with automated putting stations and golf clubs. Players pick from several fun games, and all of the scoring is automated. We played a game where each player drives 20 golf balls with microchips into the range. The object is to land the golf balls into one of several targets. The farther the target reached, the more points you score. You also get more points if you hit the target's center. It was so much fun! Lili had a great time -- she beat the grown-ups on our first game. 
Not only is Topgolf loads of fun, they also have a really great menu with a wide range of tasty food and beverages! While we took turns playing our golf game, we had sodas and shared a pair of appetizers and a burger. We enjoyed the fun and yummy Bacon Mac 'n Cheese Spring Roll and Shrimp Cocktail appetizers -- as well as a juicy Sunrise Burger. All three dishes were expertly prepared and delicious.
The comforting spring rolls featured spicy and smoky mac 'n cheese wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and fried crispy. The spring rolls were served with creamy ranch dressing for dipping -- we loved this creative fusion appetizer! The elegant chilled shrimp cocktail appetizer included a half dozen boiled jumbo shrimp, tangy veggie slaw, and ginger-infused cocktail sauce -- all served on top of crunchy wonton crisps. We're seafood lovers, so this appetizer didn't last very long!

The Sunrise Burger featured a beefy burger patty, cheddar, bacon, and a fried egg -- it was the perfect burger for our mid-morning visit. I had never tried a fried egg on a burger, but now I'm sold...it added a really nice richness. Between the two rounds of our game, we also enjoyed Topgolf's interactive signature Injectible Doughnut Holes Dessert...talk about fun! Cinnamon sugar-coated cake doughnut holes are served with a trio of syringes filled with raspberry jelly, chocolate syrup, and Bavarian cream.
We had a blast injecting these pop-able mini doughnut holes with the fillings and eating them. My favorite flavor was the combination of jelly and chocolate sauce. Our fingers got a little sticky, but isn't that half the fun? On our way to our car, we stopped off to wash our hands...problem solved! Before leaving, we decided to take a group picture to commemorate our day -- as you can see, the three of us had a great time making memories at Topgolf San Antonio. It was a warm Texas Summer day, but the combination of fans and the covered golf bays kept us cool and comfortable.
Topgolf currently has 20+ locations all over the U.S. To find the Topgolf that's closest to you, visit their searchable online location finder. To play at Topgolf, a membership (including a one-time $5 fee) is required. Prices to play is hourly per bay -- rather than per person. Pricing also varies by location and depending on whether you visit during a peak or off-peak day or time. The good news is that the per-bay hourly rate is good for up to six players -- making it quite reasonable to play Topgolf for 2-3 hours. They even have live music on Friday and Saturday nights!

Disclosure: Topgolf San Antonio provided us two hours of game time and the food items featured to facilitate this post. As always, all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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