Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gearing Up for Halloween...Featuring Ghoulishly Good Red Moscato Punch

Fall is in full swing...and that means Halloween is right around the corner in a few short weeks! Today, I'm sharing a frightfully fun wine-based punch that will help you set the perfect scary mood for any Halloween celebrations you might be planning next month! My Ghoulishly Good Red Moscato Punch is fruity, fizzy...and red like blood. It contains sweet sparkling Moscato, a mixture of fruit juices, and citrus soda. To take this punch display over the top, a ghoulish ice hand floats eerily in the punch bowl. I’ll show you how easy it is to make the icy hand as part of the recipe! 

Ghoulishly Good Red Moscato Punch
a Weekend Gourmet Original
• 1 bottle sweet sparkling Moscato wine, well chilled
• 1/2 cup orange liqueur + 1 cup orange juice
• 2 cups chilled cranberry juice
• 1 cup Concord grape juice (i.e., the purple variety)
• 32 ounces lemon-lime soda [NOTE: I used diet soda, but feel free to substitute one with sugar if you prefer]

For the ice hand:
• 1 non-powdered latex glove -- this is very important! Clean the glove VERY THOROUGHLY with soapy hot water before using.
• Bottled drinking water 

Step 1: Make the ice hand. Use a measuring cup to fill the clean latex glove with water nearly to the top -- make sure the water gets into every finger.  Twist the top of the glove and secure tightly with a rubber band. Place the filled glove in the freezer until frozen solid. This step is best done a day ahead to save you tons of stress the day of your party. 
Step 2: Add the chilled sparkling Moscato, orange liqueur, orange juice, cranberry juice, Concord grape juice, and the lemon-lime soda to a decorative Halloween punch bowl. Just before serving, remove the ice hand from the freezer. Use scissors to cut just below the rubber band and carefully peel the latex glove away. Float the ice hand in the center of the punch bowl. Since my decor theme here is scary spiders, I placed small plastic spiders into my punch to float around the hand!
This wine-based party punch is full of fruity flavors -- and the deep red color is definitely reminiscent of blood! The sweet sparkling Moscato pairs very nicely with the fruit juices -- and the fizz is really fun. I hope that you’ll whip up a batch of this refreshing grown-up punch at your upcoming Halloween parties. With its eerie floating ice hand, it’s sure to be a hit! To make this punch kid-friendly, delete the orange liqueur and wine...and replace with additional cranberry juice and lemon-lime soda.

To ensure I have plenty of sparkling Moscato on hand during the upcoming busy Halloween season, I plan to purchase several bottles and keep them stored in a wine rack in my kitchen. Then, I can simply grab a bottle of wine to chill whenever I host impromptu get-togethers with friends and family during the Halloween season! Even big kids will enjoy this spooky Halloween-themed punch bowl motif. 

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