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Review of the DINNERLY Meal Kit Subscription Service #savetime #streamlinedinner #dinnerly

Meal kit subscription companies are an awesome way to save time in the kitchen while preparing a delicious dinner on the busiest of weeknights. These days, there are so many options to choose from, so it can be really hard to figure out which option is best for you. I've been trying out DINNERLY in my kitchen -- and there's a LOT to love! DINNERLY is an affordable meal kit subscription service specifically designed with easy, quick weeknight cooking in mind. At just $4.99 per serving, DINNERLY customers receive the pre-portioned ingredients and printable digital recipe cards needed to make three simple, delicious weeknight meals. DINNERLY keeps costs low by reducing excess packaging and not providing printed recipes cards.

Today, I want to tell you about my personal experience using DINNERLY. I went to the website's home page and signed up for the service. The process was quick and easy! From there, I selected my three dinner recipes from the eight available options that week. I selected Oven-Fried Beef Taquitos, Seared Chicken and Broccoli, and Caramel Chicken Stir Fry. I learned that DINNERLY recipes are made with quality proteins like grass fed ground beef and antibiotic free chicken. My chilled box arrived at my front door a few days later. I opened the box, and all of the ingredients for my recipes were carefully packed with chill packs in a Styrofoam cooler. Inside, the ingredients arrived in perfect condition.
With simplicity in mind, all DINNERLY recipes use five ingredients (or less)! That streamlined approach really appealed to me. The first meal from my kit that I made were the Oven-Fried Beef Taquitos. My first step was to pull up the digital illustrated step-by-step recipe card that was e-mailed to me on my iPhone.

The five easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions provided on the recipe card were so simple to follow that even an inexperienced cook will be able to produce excellent results! Now that I had my recipe card, the next step was to assemble and prep all of my ingredients.
Yep...five simple fresh ingredients! Also included were spices for the beef and sour cream for drizzling on the finished taquitos. Now it was time to cook. First, I made the simple salsa that was going to be spooned over the finished taquitos. Then I browned and seasoned the beef filling, rolled the filling inside flour tortillas, sprinkled them with some spices in my cupboard, and baked them.
This took about 2o minutes, then the taquitos browned and crisped in the oven for about 10 minutes. Before serving, I added a small avocado that I had in my kitchen to the simple salsa. Each serving was topped with a generous amount of the mild salsa, then drizzled with the sour cream that had been thinned with a bit of water.
The taquitos were simple to prep and assemble, took just over 30 minutes to complete, and were delicious! I also liked that they were baked instead of fried -- but they were still crispy outside. I would definitely order this Tex-Mex inspired dish again. The suggested presentation was also nice, which is always a bonus.

DINNERLY is ideal for busy people who want to cook from scratch without spending all night getting dinner on the table. The service is available nationwide, and it currently covers 93% of the U.S. population. Each week, DINNERLY customers choose from a menu of eight different recipe options, all featuring seasonal ingredients. Customers receive a chilled box with all ingredients needed to make the meals selected that week. With five easy steps and minimal chopping, DINNERLY recipes take 30 minutes or less to prep and cook. DINNERLY home cooks can choose from two flexible serving options: 
    Couple Two-Serving Box Options:
    • 3 Meals: $29.94 + $8.99 shipping = $38.93
    • 4 Meals: $39.92 + $8.99 shipping = $48.91
    • 5 Meals: $49.90 + $8.99 shipping = $58.89
    Family Box Four-Serving Options: 
    • 3 Meals: $59.88 + $8.99 shipping = $68.87
    • 4- and 5-meal kit boxes for families coming will be available the first week of April
    Customers receive an e-mail link that takes them to a digital recipe card for each selected recipe. Digital recipe cards can be downloaded and printed, or viewed via smart phone or iPad. Recipes are also available for download from the customer’s account areaNot going to be home...or just want to take a week off? No problem! Customers can skip ordering via the DINNERLY website.

    Now that I've introduced you to the many positive benefits of the DINNERLY meal kit subscription service, I hope you'll check out their simply delicious recipes in your own kitchen. I definitely can't wait to order and try my next set of recipes! Anything that streamlines and simplifies my weeknight meal routine...and tastes great a winner in my book.

    Disclosure: DINNERLY provided me with a complimentary three-recipe box to experience their meal kit subscription from selection through cooking and eating. All opinions are solely my own.

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