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Tutorial: Creating a Festive...and Tasty...Easter Tablescape #easterdecor #tablescape #diy #eastergoodies

Easter is coming up later this month...can you believe how quickly the year is hopping along?!? Last weekend, I teamed up with my Mom to create a festive Easter tablescape! Today, I'm sharing step-by-step instructions to create this Easter Basket themed tablescape. The end result is adorable to look at...and it features an array of tasty Easter treats your guests can enjoy! I promise that my Easter tablescape is so simple to make that ANYONE can do it. Feel free to customize the tablescape to include your favorite Easter décor and flavors. All you need is a large Easter basket and crinkly Easter grass, fun Easter candy and confections, and any other seasonal décor that you have. The key is to have fun and let your imagination inspire you!

Step 1: Gather All Your Easter Décor and Goodies. Having your supplies set up around the table -- the same principle as mise en place when cooking -- lets you see exactly what products you have to work with. My Easter tablescape is comprised of treats that range in size from large to small...and tall to nearly flat. That variation provides visual appeal to the final tablescape. You'll notice that I started with a floral tablecloth on the table. Because I want everyone's eyes to focus on the festive tablescape itself, I switched to a solid pastel pink tablecloth. I chose pastel pink to match my Easter décor...but any pastel color or light green tablecloth will also work.
Step 2: Place a Large Easter Basket In the Center of the Table and Determine Its Focal Point. The Easter basket is the main visual focus of your tablescape. Mom had a large white basket with pink ribbon trim and pretty pastel accents. The focal point of the Easter basket is a gorgeous Colorful Bunny from California-based Kollar Chocolates. Kollar is one of the Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America, so they are true artisans. The Colorful Bunny stands in the center of the basket, and is 8 ounces of Valrhona dark chocolate. I especially love that each bunny is hand decorated with colorful splatters, making each one a unique creation.
Step 3: Fill In the Easter Basket with Sweet Treats of Various Heights. The chocolate bunny is the focal point of our basket...but he's just the start! Along the back of my Easter basket, I inserted a trio of adorable decorated Easter Patchwork Bunnies Cookies from Dallas-based Cookies by Design. These large cookies come on sticks, which I anchored into floral foam placed under the basket's multicolor grass. Next, I strategically placed a trio of Cookie Shots from California's The Dirty Cookie in the basket; fill these cookies with a shot of milk -- then eat the cookie "cup" -- genius! I then filled in the rest of the basket with a pair of colorful hand-decorated chocolate eggs from Kollar Chocolates, Easter-themed edible cookie dough from Edoughble, small packages of Welch's Fruit Snacks, JOLLY RANCHER Jelly Beans, REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs, iconic CADBURY Creme Eggs & Caramel Eggs, and festive cookie two-packs decorated with Easter stickers from South Carolina's Grey Ghost Bakery .

Step 4: Place a Circle of Green Easter Grass Around the Bottom of the Basket. This grassy area is a perfect way to incorporate bite-sized sweets into the tablescape. I added Mini Caramel Eggs from Kollar Chocolates, Limited Edition egg-shaped Easter OREO cookies, REECE'S PIECES Peanut Butter Pastel Eggs, new Cadbury Shimmer Mini Eggs, REESE'S Miniature Peanut Butter Cups, and Caramelized Creme HERSHEY'S GOLD Eggs with Peanuts & Pretzels. These items looked like colorful Easter eggs hidden in the grass just waiting to be found. Mom has lots of great Easter décor, so I placed a white porcelain bunny at the edge of the grass to guard the candy from sneaky hands! 
Step 5: Don't Panic If You Need to Add a Second Basket! I had a ton of goodies I wanted to showcase in my tablescape. Some items didn't easily fit in my Easter basket, so they were spotlighted in a basket of their own -- a cute wire basket with pink Easter grass. Included in my "bonus basket" are colorful and sweet-salty Easter Candy Corn from Jody's Gourmet Popcorn, delicious chocolate-dipped artisan biscotti from Be-Bop Biscotti, individually wrapped Mint Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Churro SMASHCRISPY Marshmallow Rice Treats, and fun Easter Basket Granola from Laurie's Pantry

BONUS TIP: Don't Forget to Bring a Thank You Gift for Your Easter Hostess! Celebrating Easter at someone else's house this year? Giving your hostess a gift to show how much you appreciate their hospitality is always a nice touch. I've got the *perfect* suggestion for a uniquely delicious hostess gift: Pajama Sweets Pistachio Brittle! This delicious confection from Dallas-based Pajama Sweets features classic Persian flavors like pistachio, saffron, and cardamom. This brittle isn't hard and sticky like a traditional American-style nut brittle. Instead, it's a large butter cookie combined with toffee brittle. Pajama Sweets Pistachio Brittle comes packaged in a gorgeous pink tin embellished with beautiful Spring-like flowers, so there's no need to wrap it!
That's it...everything you need to create a festive and fun Easter tablescape! It provides a gorgeous focal point for your Easter table, and the treats in and around the Easter basket are perfect for your family and friends to enjoy as part of dessert. Remember...the key is to have fun and let your personal creativity shine! 

Disclosure: The makers of the treats included in my Easter Basket tablescape provided me sample products to taste and use in my tutorial photo shoot. All opinions are solely my own.

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