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Wendy's Great Eight for May 2019 #WendyGreatEight #bestnewproducts #tryit

It's May...and time to share my latest food finds for this month's Wendy's Great Eight column. This month, I'm sharing meal and snack ideas that are healthy and taste great! That's my favorite combination -- foods that taste amazing, but are better for me. Let's get started!

(1) MorningStar Farms® Cheezeburger. I'm always on the lookout for plant-based burgers since I try to eat meatless dinners at least twice each week. My current favorite meatless burger is new MorningStar Farms® Cheezeburgers. These large 1/4-pound vegan patties are super filling thanks to their 23 grams of plant-based protein -- and pockets of melty vegan cheddar cheese in every bite! These 280-calorie patties are substantial and taste delicious. They also come packaged in convenient two-patty packages. I love to put them on a reduced calorie hamburger bun with tons of veggies and a bit of avocado -- for a burger that's so delicious I don't miss the meat at all. This new item can be found at major grocers nationwide. To find these new MorningStar Farms® Cheezeburgers at a store near you, check out their website's searchable Where to Locate function.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints: 7 SP per burger patty 

(2) Green Giant Mashed Cauliflower. If you've never tried creamy mashed cauliflower as a healthy swap for mashed potatoes, you're in for a real treat! Green Giant's convenient frozen mashed cauliflower means you don't have to make this lower-car side dish from scratch to enjoy it anytime! Each serving of Green Giant Mashed Cauliflower provides a full serving of healthy cauliflower, no potato, and 45% fewer calories than typical mashed potatoes. Each 1/2-cup serving of their Original with Olive Oil & Sea Salt flavor contains 80 calories, 5 grams fat, and just 7 grams of carbohydrates. It's creamy like mashed potatoes, with a mild cauliflower flavor. I absolutely love it! There are three other great flavors, and all are available in the grocery freezer aisle: Broccoli & Cheese, Cheddar & Bacon, and Garlic & Herb. To find Green Giant Mashed Cauliflower near you, visit their searchable Where to Buy feature.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints for Original with Olive Oil & Sea Salt: 3 SP per 1/2-cup serving

(3) Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles. I love waffles, but I rarely make time to take out my waffle iron to make them from scratch. I was thrilled to find Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles in my grocery freezer. These waffles can be toasted up crispy and warm...they're ready to eat in no time. Top with your favorite toppings, and you're good to go! Each two-waffle serving has 230 calories, 3 grams fiber, and 12 grams of filling protein. These versatile waffles make a quick healthy breakfast...but we love stacking two waffles with fresh berries, lowfat Greek yogurt, and a touch of whipped topping for a special dessert! In addition to Buttermilk & Vanilla, Power Waffles come in Homestyle, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, and Dark Chocolate. Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles can be found in the grocery freezer section. To locate Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles near you, visit their online Store Locator.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints for Buttermilk & Vanilla Power Waffles: 4 SP for EACH waffle

(4) Sabra Breakfast Avocado Toast. If you think Sabra is only about amazing hummus...think again! They also make a delicious guacamole that's creamy, with a hint of lime and spice. Sabra recently introduced a trio of tasty grab-and-go hummus and avocado breakfast toasts. I'm totally hooked on the Breakfast Avocado Toast! Each refrigerated single-serving package contains a sealed cup of citrus-infused Haas avocado spread and whole grain toasts. This portable veg-friendly breakfast...or snack...has 190 calories, 13 grams of heart-healthy fat, and 4 grams of protein. I like to pair my Breakfast Avocado Toast pack with a piece of fruit, and the combo keeps the hungries away for several hours. Is hummus more your thing? No problem! Sabra's Breakfast Toast line also includes Everything Hummus and Lemon Poppy Seed Hummus flavors. To find these new products near you, simply click the Where to Buy button at the bottom of each Sabra item's webpage.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints:
  • Breakfast Avocado Toast: 6 SP 
  • Breakfast Everything Hummus Toast: 7 SP 
  • Breakfast Lemon Poppy Seed Hummus Toast: 8 SP 

(5) Honey Stinger Organic Cracker N' Nut Butter Snack Bars. I love eating healthy snack bars for on-the-go meals and between-meal snacks. My favorite peanut butter bar at the moment is Honey Stinger's Organic Cracker N' Nut Butter Snack Bars. These tasty bars are made from creamy nut butter and honey sandwiched between multigrain crackers, then coated in chocolate. What they don't contain is artificial colors or flavors. There are several flavors to choose from: Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Sea Salt, Almond Butter Dark Chocolate, and Cashew Butter Dark Chocolate. Each bar averages 220 calories and 5 grams protein. The chocolate makes them feel like a decadent treat...and the organic nut butters and honey provide nutrition and energy. Honey Stinger products can be found at select retail locations nationwide. If you can't locate their items at a store near you, Honey Stinger also has a convenient online store.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints for Honey Stinger Organic Cracker N' Nut Butter Snack Bars: 8 SP for all flavors

(6) GoMacro Organic Protein Bars. I love discovering new protein bars because they're portable and nutritious. The trick is finding a protein bar that's healthy and tastes great! GoMacro's line of chewy organic protein bars meet both of these criteria. These gluten free, vegan bars are made with all natural ingredients and are non-GMO. I've been enjoying a trio of their new flavors the past few weeks: Blueberry + Cashew Butter (with organic dried blueberries), Dark Chocolate + Almond, and Mocha Chocolate Chip (with a bit of freshly roasted whole bean coffee). Each filling bar contains 270 calories and 10 grams of filling protein. GoMacro protein bars can be purchased via GoMacro's online store. They can also be purchased at select retailers nationwide.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints for GoMacro's trio of new Organic Protein Bars: 9 SP 

(7) MALK Organic Unsweetened Cashew Milk. We've been drinking nut milks exclusively for the past year. Our go-to products have been unsweetened and sweetened vanilla almond milk, but my recent favorite is Houston-based MALK's unsweetened cashew milk. The taste is silky rich and creamy! MALK's cashew milk contains three simple ingredients: organic cashews, filtered water, and Himalayan sea salt. The mouthfeel is downright decadent, but its nutritionals are pretty impressive. Each 8-ounce glass has just 100 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 4 grams of protein. MALK's entire line of nut milks is available nationally at Kroger, Ralph's, and King Soopers. They're also available regionally at Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Sprouts, H-E-B, and Central Market. To find MALK products at a store near you, visit the company's Find MALK tool.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints: 3 SP per 8-oz serving

(8) Organic Ahara Ghee. I've recently become focused on dietary fat...not only how much I consume, but the types of fat I use as well. I've been using Portland-based Ahara ghee in place of oil the past few weeks. If you're not familiar with ghee, it's butter in its purest form -- free from dairy and lactose. Ahara ghee is made in small batches from vat cultured grass-fed cream. Their ghee is quite special -- Ahara is committed to the traditional process outlined in the ancient text of Ayurvedic medicine. This process requires ghee be made from cultured butter, where cream is first made into yogurt before being churned into butter. Their ghee is packaged in shelf-stable glass jars and comes in six delicious flavors. My personal favorites are the nutty Brown Butter and Lemon & Garlic. Just a tablespoon imparts flavor to whatever dish I'm making. I especially love searing fish or chicken breast in the Lemon & Garlic ghee! Ahara ghee can be purchased directly via their online store. It is also available at select retailers nationwide.

WW Freestyle SmartPoints: 6 SP per tablespoon.

Disclosure: The manufacturers of the products featured provided me with sample products to try out. I only recommend products to my readers that I have tried myself and enjoyed.

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