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Best Road Trip Snacks 2019 Part II...Savory and Salty #roadtrip #summertravel #travelsnacks

There's something about Summer adventures that screams ROAD TRIP! There's something special that comes filling the car tank with gas, cranking up some amazing tunes, and making new memories with friends and family...and the packing the perfect road trip-worthy SNACKS! For our five-city Texas-Louisiana road trip last week, I packed an assortment of sweet and savory snacks for us to enjoy on the road. It saved us lots of time...and money...during pitstops our route. Planning ahead also helped me determine which types of snacks -- and how much of each snack I enjoyed. Today, I'm sharing my picks for the best crunchy and savory snacks that we enjoyed last week! 

Healthy Hint: Before hitting the road, pre-portion crunchy bagged snacks into individual portions via ziptop bags. This pre-planning action ensures your on-the-go snacking is portion controlled. Take it from me: it's very easy to mindlessly eat an entire bag of crunchy snacks if you're not careful!

Our trip lasted three days, starting and ending in our home base in San Antonio. We were joined by one of our very best friends for a laughter-filled trip. Along the way, we enjoyed award-winning BBQ in Waco; visited a big cat sanctuary in Tyler; explored a trio of attractions in Shreveport, Louisiana; stayed at a boutique hotel in Irving/Las Colinas; and sampled more amazing BBQ in Fort Worth. More to come on these activities in the days ahead! Between stops, we munched on some yummy snacks.
(1) Pop Art Snacks Gourmet Popcorn. There's popcorn...and then there's Pop Art's creatively flavored gourmet popcorn. If you're tired of plain popcorn, you've GOT to try their uniquely fun flavors! Check out these options: Rosemary Truffle, White Pepper Parmesan, White Coconut Curry, and Nori Sesame. Talk about big flavor...I am in love with this popcorn, with its fluffy kernels and creative flavors. Popcorn is naturally a healthy snack...and these flavors make it fun too!

WW Freestyle SmartPoints
  • Rosemary Truffle: 4 SP for 3 cups
  • Thai Coconut Curry: 5 SP for 2 3/4 cups
  • White Cheddar Jalapeno: 5 SP for 2.5 cups
  • White Pepper Parmesan: 5 SP for 2.5 cups
  • Hawaiian Sea Salt w/Avocado Oil & Nori Sesame: 4 SP for 2 cups
    (2) Sun Puffs Four Cheese Flavored Whole Grain Snacks. Cheesy, crunchy...two great travel snack characteristics! Sun Puff's new Four Cheese Flavored Whole Grain Snacks provide the cheesy taste and crunchy flavor you crave...with the benefits of 100% whole grain. These munchable squares are delicious on their own, or paired with a sandwich. This snack's cheezy flavor comes from Gouda, cheddar, Monterey Jack, and mozzarella cheeses! Each 15-puff serving -- the puffs are pretty big -- has just 150 calories.

    WW Freestyle SmartPoints: 3 SP for TEN puffs

    (3) Sabra Breakfast Toast Kits. For road trips, use your cooler to store more than cold drinks! Why not bring along Sabra's chilled Breakfast Toast packs? They're individually portioned with a container of hummus or avocado, whole grain crackers, and a seasoning packet. These toast kits make a handy on-the-go snack or meal that fills you up with healthy protein and fats! Other flavors in Sabra's on-the-go toast kit line are Everything Hummus Toast and Avocado Toast. I especially love the avocado kit -- add a piece of fruit, and you have a perfect on-the-go breakfast for those days you need to hit the road bright and early!

    WW Freestyle SmartPoints
    • Lemon Poppy Seed Toast: 8 SP
    • Everything Hummus Toast: 7 SP
    • Avocado Toast:  6 SP

    (4) CHESTER'S® Puffcorn Snacks. CHESTER'S® Puffcorn is one of my personal favorite road trip snacks. We drive home to Houston from San Antonio about once per month. This is my go-to snack! It's fluffy like popcorn -- minus the hulls. It's also an economical option, priced at $2 per bag. There are three fun flavors to choose from: Butter, Cheese, and fiery Flamin' Hot®. I especially love that each serving is quite generous: 160 calories or less for approximately 45 pieces! My personal favorite is the Butter flavor...reminds me of buttered popcorn. 

    WW Freestyle SmartPoints
    • Butter Puffcorn: 5 SP for 46 pieces
    • Cheese and Flamin' Hot Puffcorn: 5 SP for 42 pieces

      (5) Wholly Guacamole Snack Cups. These single-serve packages of Wholly Guacamole's creamy guacamole and small tortilla chips for dipping are another great item to store in your cooler for road trip snacking! These snack kits come in three flavors: Classic (mildly spicy), Homestyle (medium spice with tomatoes and onion), and Spicy (with extra jalapeno pepper). They're a great way to slay your chips and guac craving without breaking your calorie bank!

      WW Freestyle SmartPoints: 3 SP per package

      (6) Off the Eaten Path Snacks. These snacks have all the crunch of a traditional chip...but they're made with healthy non-GMO veggies for an extra nutritional punch! There are five great varieties to choose from: Rosemary & Olive Oil Hummus Crisps (my fave!!), Chickpea Veggie Crisps, Veggie Crisps, Spicy Cheddar Veggie Puffs, and Sour Cream & Onion Veggie Puffs -- veggie puffs provide 5 grams of filling protein per serving. Each serving of Off the Eaten Path snacks averages just 150 calories. 

      WW Freestyle SmartPoints
      • Rosemary & Olive Oil Hummus: 4 SP for 15 pieces
      • Veggie Crisps: 4 SP for 15 pieces
      • Chickpea Veggie Crisps: 4 SP for 15 piecesSpicy 
      • Cheddar Puffs: 4 SP for 33 puffsSour Cream & Onion Puffs: 4 SP for 36 puffs

        (7) Cheez-It® Snap'd™ Snacks. Love Cheez-It® cheese crackers? Then you'll go nuts for their new Snap'd line of thin, crispy snacks. Made with 100% real cheese, the texture of these snacks is somewhere between a cracker and a chip. We absolutely love them! There are four great flavors to choose from: rich Double Cheese, savory Cheddar Sour Cream & Onion, smoky White Cheddar & Bacon, and spicy Jalapeno Jack. Each serving of 20 crisps has between 140-150 calories. 

        WW Freestyle SmartPoints: 5 SP for 21 crisps

        (8) RX Nut Butter Packs. Nut butters are an ideal snack...packed with protein and healthy plant fats. That said? Packing a jar of peanut butter when you hit the road is totally messy. Enter these amazing RX Nut Butter Packs! They're individually portioned for easy transport. These packs of peanut butter and almond butter contain 8 or less clean ingredients, and are sweetened with maple sugar, honey, and/or dates. These nut butter come in tons of great flavor, including: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter, Vanilla Almond Butter, and Maple Almond Butter. Use it to top apple slices or crackers...or enjoy solo straight from the packet!

        WW Freestyle SmartPoints: 6 SP per packet

        (9) MUNCHIES® CHEESE FIX® Flavored Snack Mix. If you love cheesy snack as much as we do, this fun MUNCHIES® CHEESE FIX® snack mix must be on your road trip snacks shopping list! It's a delicious combination of Frito-Lay's cheesiest snacks, including: Cheetos, nacho cheese Doritos, cheesy Rold Gold pretzels, and cheddar Sun Chips. It's an ultra cheesy treat! This snack mix is so tasty that it's easy to eat the entire bag before you even realize it -- so it's imperative for me to measure and pre-bag this treat before we hit the road! This snack mix also comes in Flamin' Hot, Totally Ranch, and Ultimate Cheddar varieties.

        WW Freestyle SmartPoints for MUNCHIES® CHEESE FIX®: 4 SP for 3/4 cup snack mix

        Disclosure: The manufacturers of the products featured in this article provided me with sample products. For authenticity, I only recommend products to my readers and social followers that I have personally tried and enjoy. 

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