Friday, June 7, 2019

Big Changes Coming to The Weekend Gourmet! #eathealthy #healthyfoodcantastegood #hearthealth #eatwell

The Weekend Gourmet celebrates its 9th anniversary later this Summer! Since 2010, I've had a great time sharing my favorite big-flavor recipes, food and kitchen products, restaurants, and culinary destinations with y'all. Going forward, I'll keep sharing all of these things...but with a fresh new outlook. Some big changes are coming to The Weekend Gourmet...changes that actually started last year. As most of you know, I had a stroke in late 2017. When I returned home from rehab last year, The Weekend Gourmet returned from my medical hiatus. I began sharing more healthy recipes and foods. These changes are becoming permanent and official effective immediately! 

After my stroke, I saw a cardiologist looking for reasons why I had my stroke. This year, he's been performing lots of diagnostic tests, including placement of a internal loop recorder heart monitor two weeks ago...and a heart catheterization this week. During the catheterization procedure, my cardiologist discovered that two of my arteries were 90% blocked. Fortunately, he was able to place two stents during the procedure, which is a huge relief. However, it was my second health wake-up call in the past two years! While eating decadent foods at home, in restaurants, and during our travels is great's not worth my health. 

Earlier this year, my cardiologist recommended that I lose some weight for health reasons. In response, I joined WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers). I love the program's flexible, individualized approach to weight loss! I've lost 15 pounds so far...and I have at least 30 more pounds to go. With my latest heart procedure, it's become crystal clear that living a healthy lifestyle must become a permanent, all-the-time approach -- including here at The Weekend Gourmet. My goal is to show that healthy food can taste AMAZING! More fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins...and less fat and sugar. You'll see these changes reflected in every recipe, food/kitchen product, restaurant visit, and travel feature going forward.

What can you expect to see here going forward? I've already begun providing nutritional information and WW Freestyle Smart Points information for products shared in my monthly Wendy's Great Eight column. I'm looking for a good nutrition widget to download so you'll know the caloric and nutrition information for every new recipe I share...stay tuned for that! I'll also share WW Smart Points for my fellow WW members. All travel features going forward will provide healthy eating tips and hints for the cities we visit.'s where YOU come in. I need to know what my readers want to see me share in here! Please leave a comment below telling me what types of recipes you want to see! Revamped high-calorie favorites, slow cooker, five-ingredient meals, quick 30 minute recipes, etc. 

Face it: big changes like this are never easy...but these particular changes are vital to ensure that I live a long, healthy life. I am committed to these healthy lifestyle changes. I hope you'll join me for a new focus at The Weekend Gourmet as well: sharing recipes and food products, dining out decisions, and travel that features the big flavors I love...but in a healthy new way! It's possible, and I plan to show you how I'm reaching these goals every step of the way. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me with your get well wishes...and for being supportive of The Weekend Gourmet's new direction. 

Disclosure: My opinions about WW (formerly Weight Watchers) stated in this article are solely my own. WW is not a client of The Weekend Gourmet. Be sure to consult with your personal physician before choosing any weight loss plan.

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