Friday, September 13, 2019

Your Essential Bag Checklist for Moving to a New Home

Today, I'm sharing a post from The Weekend Gourmet's new contributor. They're sharing some helpful tips for transitioning to a new home -- including food and kitchen considerations. This column may feature affiliate links.

As if searching for and securing a home -- not to mention a buyer for your existing home wasn't stressful enough -- you also need to make sure everything is in order for moving day too! From making sure you hire the best moving company; getting rid of clothes you no longer wear and items you no longer need; and contacting family, friends, and companies you conduct business with to let them know you're moving? There are a wide range of details you need to sort out.
An excellent moving tip that never fails is to pack an essentials bag early in the moving process. This bag is luggage that you'll carry with you from your old home to your new one -- it will be with you at all times. This bag could make a world of difference to your stress levels on moving day. Here are the items you should consider packing into your moving essentials bag.

Food and Drinks

Whether it's just you or a family of five, chances are good that someone will get hungry during the moving journey! So, it's wise to think about what to prep the night before. To avoid the risk of you or your family being low on energy and morale on one of the most stressful and busy days of your life, think about packing healthy fruit and veggies for snacks. Maybe even pack a container of frozen Corn & Black Bean Chilaquiles to heat for a tasty first meal when you arrive at your new home. Be sure to pack paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils too! Putting food and water in your essentials bag ahead of time will also prevent having to pick up these items at a convenience store!


Prescribed medication can easily be left behind during the busy haze that occurs on moving day -- when a lot is happening all at once! Without packing medicine into your essential bag before moving day, it could easily be forgotten. From supplements like Omega 3 to important prescription medications, avoid the mistake of having your essential medications being thrown into a box and getting lost in transit.

Documents, Cards, and Keys

You may need your ID to pick up your house keys. You'll also need to keep handy any documents that show the moving company which moving package you purchased from them to ensure things run smoothly on moving day. It's also important to keep your credit cards and some cash on you to pay the moving company once the move is complete. If you haven’t chosen a moving company, find out more about what to expect from the moving company experience. If you don't follow the above advice to pack food in your essentials bag, having cash and credit cards on you means you've got money on hand to pick food up for you or your family.

Pajamas and Bed Linens

You may be thinking this is turning into a rather large essentials bag, but it's pretty unavoidable -- especially considering how much you'll need the stuff that's packed inside! Bed linens and pajamas, for instance, are necessary to put on bare mattresses and give you some comfort the first night in your new home. This simple move will definitely make move-in day go a lot smoother.

A well-thought-out essentials bag is a true lifesaver for anyone moving into a new home. This bag will make your move more efficient and less stressful -- knowing you have essential items for moving day with you in one centralized easy-to-access location!

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