Thursday, September 26, 2019

In a Food Rut? It's Time to Get Inspired Again! #getinspired #trynewfood #foodinspiration

Today, I'm sharing an article from The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent. This article features some great tips to help you break the habit of eating the same few recipes or foods. The article may include affiliate links.
Even the biggest foodie or experienced cook can fall into a bit of a rut at times when it comes to what to eat or cook. Have you found yourself eating the same four or five meals on repeat...and you're getting bored and fed up with them? Then, it’s time to branch out and make a change! Here’s some great places to find new food inspiration.

Search the Internet
The most obvious place to find recipe inspiration is to search the internet. Go to Pinterest and pin different types of recipes to different boards of your choice. Your boards can be as simple as Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. However, you can also base them on different types of cuisines, healthy choices, or whatever makes it easier for you to organize your ideas. You can also check out blogs like The Weekend Gourmet, recipe sites like Food Network. Another idea is to search food and recipe hashtags via Instagram. There are so many ways you can get inspired online. You can even save and print your favorite recipes to create a personalized cookbook to refer back to. Simply press print screen on Mac or your computer, then print the recipes to keep. 

Ask Friends and Family for Suggestions
Another way to find recipe ideas is to ask your friends and family what their favorite meals are. Ask whether they have a recipe they particularly love, then give it a try in your kitchen! Most of us have meals that bring back nostalgia from our childhood...or that we just absolutely love. Talking with friends can give you some food ideas...and you share your ideas with them. Friends can also share great pointers and ideas for how to prepare new foods and recipes. 

Watch Cooking Shows on Television
Cooking shows can be really relaxing to watch, and they’re fantastic for providing food and recipe inspiration! They introduce you to new skills and techniques, as well as recipes and ingredients you might not hear of otherwise. Next time you’re relaxing in front of the TV, why not surf over to a cooking channel and see if there are any programs that inspire you. YouTube and Instagram TV also offer online cooking channels that feature mini episodes if you prefer to watch short and snappy clips for ideas. Finally, be sure to check out viral channels like Tasty and Twisted Food.

Join a Recipe Meal Kit Service
If you love to cook, why not consider using a recipe meal kit subscription box? These are a wide range of services for everyone from novice cooks to experienced! There are even services that focus on plant-based meals...or let you select pescatarian option. Meal kit services can be a great way to try new recipes, because they send everything prepped and portioned. That means there’s no waste and you save time in the kitchen too! 

See What’s in Season
We should be eating as much local and seasonal food as possible, because it's good news for the planet. So...head out to your local market and pick up some fresh local produce. Focus on what’s in season at the moment -- which should definitely inspire you. From fresh fruit salads and smoothies in stews and soups in Winter. Step outside of your comfort zone and try out some different ingredients if you get the chance!

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