Friday, September 20, 2019

McDonald's and Uber Eats Team for McDelivery Night In #McDonalds #McDelivery #UberEats #eatathome #ad

McDonald's delivers with Uber Eats, delivering happy -- and all of your favorites - right to your doorstep! The following is a review of my experience taking part in McDelivery Night In on September 19th. All opinions expressed are my own. This post was compensated by McDonald's.

McDonald's has teamed with Uber -- the country’s largest on-demand destination for door-to-door delivery -- to offer its customers the convenience of delivery via its McDelivery program! Following a 200-location pilot in Houston, Uber Eats is now expanding the program to thousands of McDonald’s locations across the country. That means McDelivery is now available via more than 10,000 McDonald's locations in all 50 states! On September 19th, McDonald's celebrated McDelivery Night In to spotlight the ease of using McDelivery to enjoy your favorite McDonald's food in the comfort of your own home! We took part in so I can show you step-by-step how the McDelivery feature works. It's a snap -- and the end result is enjoying your favorite McDonald's menu items without having to drive to your nearest location!

The first step necessary to utilize McDelivery is to download the free Uber Eats app to your Apple or Android smartphone. It's quick and simple...from there, you're ready to order! When you open the Uber Eats app the first time, you'll be asked to create a username and password. Then, you're ready to order! When you enter your delivery location, the Uber Eats app will show you all locations near you that participate in McDelivery. Pick your preferred location, then navigate the user-friendly menu -- complete with photographs of each food item -- to make your selections. You can even customize menu items. Want to add lettuce to your Fillet 'o Fish? No problem!
When you select a menu item, it is sent to your Uber Eats Cart while you continue ordering. When you've made all your menu selections, simply go to your Cart to check out. Be sure to verify everything looks accurate, then add any promo codes you have. Finally, pay for your order with a credit or debit card. That's it! The entire McDelivery ordering and payment process took me about 10 minutes to complete last night. I was then able to track my delivery in real time from ordering through delivery via the Uber Eats app. The app also provided my delivery driver's name and the type of vehicle he drives. Our driver's name was Dennis -- the Uber Eats app even notified me when he was downstairs with our food. Dennis had our order to us very quickly -- within 5 minutes of picking it up!
Our McDelivery order was carefully packed inside a large handled bag -- protective packaging to ensure our food and drinks arrived in excellent condition. Because nobody wants to eat a squashed sandwich! Once inside, I unpacked our McDelivery order. I was very impressed with how our food and drinks were packed inside the larger bag. Our sodas were secured in a snug cardboard cup holder to minimize the chance of any spills en route. The hot food was sealed inside of a separate bag to ensure it remained warm and away from the drinks until it reached us. So good! Next, it was time to set up our food.
We ordered a Fillet 'o Fish, Homestyle Burger, fries, and two soft drinks. I'm sure the biggest question on your mind as your read this article is the quality of the delivered food vs. eating it at a neighborhood McDonald's location. It was a blistering hot day in San Antonio yesterday, but the ice in our drinks didn't melt enough in transit to water down our sodas. Our sandwiches were still warm too! The fries were warm and still crispy. I'm a purist who loves her fries straight from the fryer, so this was very important to me. All in all? The quality of the food that was delivered was excellent. As an added bonus, I got to stay inside in my comfy clothes...and I didn't have to cook dinner. Score!

Bottom line? It was totally amazing to stay at home with the air conditioner blasting -- watching TV and wearing my cozy McDonald's Big Mac socks swag -- while I also enjoyed my delicious Fillet 'o Fish and fries! Until last night's McDelivery Night In event, we had only ordered pizza for home delivery. It's wonderful to have a new option for "TV night" dinners on those nights I just don't feel like cooking! I guess you can say that McDonald's "really delivers" with its McDelivery program! 

To help you get started using McDelivery for yourself, be sure to use code PTNH to save $5 off your first McDelivery order. Simply enter the code when you go to your Uber Eats Cart -- before you submit your payment. I have two more quick bits of information I want to share with you regarding the McDelivery program. The entire menu can be ordered -- except for soft serve ice cream cones -- using the Uber Eats app. Yes...that includes McDonald's very popular All Day Breakfast menu items! Finally?McDelivery isn't just for home delivery. It can be used to deliver to work! Busy day in the office on a tight deadline? Use McDelivery to have your lunch brought to you!

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