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The Weekend Gourmet Dines Out...Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe #WGDO #sweetparis #crepes #oohlala

This Summer, we had the opportunity to visit one of San Antonio's newest restaurants for a French-inspired crȇpe brunch! Located at The Shops at La Cantera, Sweet Paris Crȇperie & Café offers a range of authenitic crȇpes that feature a wide range of sweet, savory, and breakfast fillings. The menu also includes fluffy Belgian waffles, soups & salads, panini sandwiches, and a creative beverage lineup. We visited for Sunday brunch and enjoyed a quartet of crȇpes...and a selection of accompanying beverages. Because it was Sunday Brunch, we were excited to see that mimosas were available...score! We sipped a duo of creatively flavored mimosas while we looked over our menus. The tangy passion fruit-infused mimosa was a light golden color, and the pinkish lavender-infused mimosa had a delicately floral aroma and flavor. Our brunch was off to a festive start!
We decided to order one breakfast crȇpe , one savory crȇpe , and two sweet/dessert crȇpes so we could sample several different menu categories. Then we stepped up to the kitchen to place our orders for the spicy Le Mexicain breakfast crȇpe and the Chicken Carbonara savory crȇpe. The kitchen at Sweet Paris is located behind a glass window, so you can watch your crȇpe  creation as it's being assembled. As this video shows, the crȇpe making process is pretty fascinating to watch:
The Le Mexicain breakfast crȇpe was filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, crumbled queso fresco cheese, refried beans, and cumin and cinnamon-infused pork carnitas. It was topped with a spicy chipotle sauce, crema, and cilantro. The flavor was reminiscent of a tamale...wrapped in a lightly sweet crȇpe. It was an incredible fusion of Texas and Paris!
Our other savory crȇpe was the more traditional Chicken Carbonara. It included pieces of grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, bacon, parmesan, and a creamy Alfredo-like sauce. Talk about decadent! The combination of melted mozzarella, smoky bacon, and creamy sauce was absolute perfection...this one's a real winner! Sweet Paris serves a lightly dressed green salad on the side of all of its savory crȇpe to make a complete entree. As we enjoyed our food, the manager brought a cup of Sweet Paris' signature Mayan Hot Chocolate to our table. It was rich and creamy...topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. The hot chocolate was just one several Sweet Paris signature beverages we sampled during our brunch visit.
In addition to the mimosas and hot chocolate, we also tried Sweet Paris' unique chilled hot chocolate, a decadent milkshake, and a delicious latte. The nutty Chilled Nutella Marshmallow Hot Chocolate was served in a mug topped with mini marshmallows and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Our embellished milkshake selection was Michael's go-to flavor: Very Berry. The smooth latte not only tasted great, but it was embellished with adorable Eiffel Tower decorative cinnamon art...such a nice touch!

Once our savory crȇpes were eaten, so it was time to turn our attention to sweet crȇpes for dessert! Sweet Paris features eight different sweet crȇpes on its menu, so there's something for every kind of craving. We decided to try one fruit-filled crȇpe and one non-fruit filling. After some debate, we ultimately decided to share the Bonne Maman and the Apple Cinnamon Crème Brûlée crȇpes. The Bonne Maman was filled with four-berry jam and a cheesecake-like sweet cream. The combination of warm sweet crepe, rich filling, and sweetly tart jam was simple and classic...and totally delicious!
The Apple Cinnamon Crème Brûlée crȇpe included torched vanilla cream, dulce de leche, cinnamon, and a generous amount of caramelized apples. It was almost pretty to eat...almost! The apples were soft without being soggy, with a nice amount of cinnamon. The sweet dulce de leche paired perfectly with the spiced apples.
We couldn't resist taking some video when we cut into this crȇpe -- just to show that its beauty isn't only skin deep. This dessert crȇpe is definitely beautiful inside and out. My mouth waters every time I watch this video!
With that, our fabulous "Paris meets San Antonio" brunch was finished. I can't say enough how much we enjoyed our visit to Sweet Paris -- the food was delicious, and the staff was warm and welcoming. It's definitely a fabulous addition to the city's vibrant culinary scene!

I want to make sure to mention Sweet Paris' innovative Eat Here, Feed There™ community outreach effort. Sweet Paris has partnered with the Houston Food Bank, Brazos Valley Food Bank, Montgomery County Food Bank, San Antonio Food Bank, and Mexico's Fundactión Delia Moran for this special program. It's so easy for diners to help Sweet Paris meet its goal to feed hungry children via Eat Here, Feed There™! Every Sweet Paris location's menu includes several crȇpes that feature the Food Bank logo next to their name. For every one of these designated crȇpes that is ordered, Sweet Paris then donates one meal to a hungry child. Via this program, Sweet Paris has donated more than 150,000 meals so far! 

Sweet Paris Crȇperie & Café started in Houston in 2012. They now have eight locations in Houston's Rice Village neighborhood; the Houston CityCentre community; Katy; Highland Village; College Station; The Woodlands; the new San Antonio La Cantera location we visited; and in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. For all of my family and friends back home, a new Sweet Paris location is also being planned at Baybrook Mall! Sweet Paris is open 800 AM to 900 PM Sunday through Thursday...and 800 AM to 11oo PM on weekends. Keep in mind that breakfast crȇpes are served daily until 300 PM -- so make sure to get there early in the day if you're in the mood for breakfast items!

Disclosure: Sweet Paris Crȇperie & Café hosted us for a brunch tasting at their new San Antonio La Cantera location to facilitate this feature. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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