Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Three Ways To Make Money From Your Cooking Passion #cooking #baking #shareyourpassion #dowhatyoulove

Today, I'm sharing a post from The Weekend Gourmet's new contributor. They're sharing some helpful tips for making extra money via your talent for cooking delicious food! This column may feature affiliate links.

You have a passion for all things food and cooking, right? You're visiting The Weekend Gourmet, so we should be correct in making that assumption! Why not utilize your cooking talent to make yourself a little extra money? Not only will you have extra cash to fill up your pantry with a few delicious goodies...but you'll also have a good excuse (as if any were needed) to spend a little more time indulging your culinary passions.

Here are some ideas to get you started...

Sell Your Food at Local Events
It's Fall festival season! Are there any food festivals happening near you...or how about a farmers market and bake sales? If you've already received compliments from others about the food you bake or cook, why not set up a stand to sell your goods at these events? From cakes to pies...and even savory items...there are all kinds of items you could sell. If people like what they taste, they may continue to return to your stall on a regular basis.

To find out applicable requirements and laws in your specific area, be sure to get in touch with the organizers of local farmers markets and festivals. They can share all necessary requirements to book a stand at their event. As an extra tip, be sure you have the correct storage/transport supplies for your foods. You definitely don't want to arrive at the event with items damaged during transit. For example, a handmade pie basket would come in handy if you're planning on selling baked goods.

Start a Unique Food Delivery Service
Okay, so this could be more tricky. Not only will you be competing with Uber Eats and other food delivery services, but you might need the extra help to prepare food for potential customers and then deliver it. However, if you have help available -- and if you find your own niche -- there's no reason why this option couldn't work for you. You might decide to specialize in organic or gluten-free foods, because there will be people who can't access foods for special diets when ordering food for delivery. You might decide to create a personalized range of goods using recipes that are special to you -- because your food items might taste better than generic foods offered by other food delivery services.

Check out these food delivery business tips to get you started. One other suggestion: before starting your own food delivery service, be sure to check all city- and state-specific laws and ordinances near you to ensure you're in compliance.

Start a Food Blog
We don't need to tell you what a food blog might look like, because you only need to look around The Weekend Gourmet for inspiration! From recipes to food-related articles, take inspiration from this site and others...then consider unique blog niche ideas particular to you. While you can definitely start a blog purely for fun, you might also decide you want to make money from your website. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to start a food blog using the popular blogging platform Wordpress. Take note of the advice provided on how to monetize your efforts.

These are just a few ideas to get you started...but there are many more ways you can make money from your cooking. Why not do a Google search to find out more? Whatever you decide to do, have fun...and make it personal to you!

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