Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Decadent Eats On An NYC Adventure

Today, I'm sharing an informative feature from The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent. If you've got a trip planned to New York City, this feature has some great ideas for enjoying the city's best dining!

New York City is a favorite destination for many foodies -- including The Weekend Gourmet -- thanks to its unique mix of cultures and foods. The city plays host to Americanized versions of many traditional foods, often improving on original recipes to make them even more delectable. 

The great thing about going on a food tour of New York is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! There are all kinds of options in every area of the city that cater to locals at a fraction of the price of the typical tourist spots. It’s simply a question of sniffing them out. If you’re going on a trip to New York, what kind of food experiences can you expect? 

Weekend Brunches

New York is a city that loves its brunches! People love to munch their way through pastries, salads, and other entrees in the middle of the day -- or whenever it suits them. Brunch is typically a weekend-only affair. After a long week at work, many New Yorkers like to sleep in before venturing out to enjoy brunch with friends. Several restaurants around the city -- including La Flaca and Mezetto -- feature "bottomless" brunches that serve a wide variety of foods and cocktails. 

Pizza On Broadway
Suppose you’ve booked your Book of Mormon tickets on Broadway, and want something to eat before the show. If it’s value you’re looking for, then pizza is one of your best options. Pizza is an iconic NYC specialty, and Broadway is home to some of the most affordable pizzerias in the city. Many pizzerias are family-owned. Simply pop into any number of pizza shops just off Times Square for some traditional Italian charm. For the most authentic experience, be sure to stick with the traditional pizza toppings.  

Chow Down On Dumplings
While New York has a many Italian immigrants, it’s also home to a large Chinese and Asian community. That means you'll find dumplings galore! 

Dumplings are filled pockets of dough boiled in a tasty broth and served in special bamboo steamers. As an added bonus, dumpling prices are surprisingly affordable if you know where to look! Your best bet is to head to Chinatown. Restaurants like Vanessa's Dumpling House and Tim Ho Wan offer exceptional value for money if you’re dining on a budget. 

Sample The City’s Gourmet Hot Dogs
While you can definitely pick up a hot dog from a street vendor, there are now numerous locations all over the city where you can indulge in a variety of gourmet hot dogs. A Polish-Jewish immigrant named Nathan Handwerker originally popularized the street-vended hot dog. This resulted in an entire universe of food establishments now dedicated to the humble hot dog. Top places to visit should be Tony Dragon’s Grille and Rudy’s Bar & Grill. 

Eating in New York City has never been more interesting as new eateries open all the time. It’s the perfect city to visit if you like all-American food with an old-world twist. 

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