Friday, October 25, 2019

Finding the Best Indian Restaurant #diningout #indianfood #eattheworld #authenticindian

Love Indian food? Then you're in luck! Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing tips for finding the most authentic Indian restaurant in your city. As this feature explains, there are some things that separate the best Indian restaurants apart.

There are lots of Indian restaurants in the U.S., but what truly sets apart the top restaurants from the average ones is the food that's served. There is a huge difference between genuine regional Indian food and lesser "copycat versions." To illustrate the difference between authentic Indian cuisine and similar restaurants, simply take a look at the ways in which the top Indian restaurants serve your taste buds better…

Diversity is the Spice of Life
When they hear the words “Indian food,” many people automatically assume that it merely relates to spicy curries and nothing else. That could not be further from the truth! Indian cuisine boasts a vast range of dishes, tastes and dimensions. Further, the different regions in India boast different types of Indian food -- which adds even more delightful dishes to an authentic Indian restaurant's menu.
There's Punjabi and Kashmiri cuisine in North India, Manipuri and Naga in Northeast India, Karnataka and Tamil in South India, Bengali and Bhojpuri in East India, Gujarati and Sindhi in West India...just to name a few. The top Indian restaurants will serve your taste buds better by offering food from a variety of different regional Indian cuisines.

Sourced From the Soul
The best Indian restaurants will source their food from the heart of India. The spices and ingredients will come from authentic locations – including India's market stalls, gourmet homes, etc. This is the only way to ensure genuine Indian flavors. Lesser restaurants will use cheaper and more local substitutes, which will not create the same infusion of taste that comes from using authentic Indian ingredients.

It's also important to research and Indian restaurant's reputation before you go to dine. The best way to do this is to read reviews shared by previous diners. The law offices of Hupy and Abraham have dealt with a lot of food poisoning cases over the years. The last thing you want is to leave a restaurant after being served undercooked meat -- or food that has passed its use-by date. This is why it is a good idea to read independent review platforms. You'll be able to see whether people have good...or bad...things to say about the restaurant. If people have a bad experience at a restaurant, they will likely use the Internet to let people know about it. They want to prevent you from wasting your money on a bad dining experience. 

Cooked by the Best
The very best Indian restaurants only employ chefs who are from India or have some sort of connection with the cuisine that they're cooking. This ensures that the food is cooked using the correct method...but it is also treated with the love and care it deserves. Every dish will be cooked to perfection, and you can ensure that the standards will not falter -- because the chef will want to do the food from their region of India justice.

If you want to experience authentic Indian cuisine, then you need to go to one of the best restaurants. After all, the very best Indian restaurants offer food that serves your taste buds so much better. That's because of the diverse, authentic Indian dishes on the menu, natural and imported ingredients sourced, and the way they are cooked via experienced chefs.

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