Wednesday, October 30, 2019

McDonald's Vive tu Ritmo Tour...and McRig....Take Part in San Antonio Dia de los Muertos Festivlal #mcdonalds #diadelosmuertos #mcrig #mcdonthego #sponsorrf

Last weekend, McDonald's brought the fifth stop of its popular, festive Vive tu Ritmo Tour to San Antonio during the 7th annual Dia de los Muertos Festival...which was held Downtown at the La Villita Historic Arts Village! Music for the two-day tour event was provided by AJ Kallejero at the McD's DJ Lounge. In addition, select McDonald's food items were available via the portable McRig!! The McRig is a 53’ long X 8.5’ wide semi-trailer that's equipped with a full galley-style kitchen. This portable McDonald's includes a three-platen grill and three-vat fryer. so it can turn out a large volume of food! The McRig also features two large service windows that allow food and beverages to be passed out to event attendees as they approach the truck.
Typically, there is one line when visiting the McRig. Guests approach the left window first, where they receive the protein portion of their meal. Guests then proceed to the next window for fries, ice cream, beverages...or other specific items on the menu for their specific event. 

Working on the McRig is similar to the operations of a McDonald's restaurant – a moving, portable fun McDonald’s! Duties include...but are not limited to: prepping, grilling, frying, finishing, serving, and cleaning.
At the recent Dia De los Muertos festival here in San Antonio. McDonald's employees staffing the McRig served thousands of attendees over the weekend of October 26th and 27th

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for McDonald's. All photographs were provided by the McDonald's public relations team.

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