Monday, December 16, 2019

Diet Resolutions Worth Making #newyearsresolution #startingfresh #dietarychanges

January is just around the corner, which means many of you will be making New Year's resolutions to eat healthier post-holiday. Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing some great suggestions for healthy resolutions to implement in the coming year. Please note that the following article may contain affiliate links.
Do you break your New Year’s resolutions every year? Do you make the same resolutions every year, perhaps even knowing you'll break them within a few weeks? Our resolutions usually fail because we either don’t care about them -- and just make them out of habit -- or because they're unrealistic and we don’t have plans to help us to keep them...or goals to keep us on track. If you want your resolutions to succeed, you need to make sure they're worth making, and that you have realistic plans in place to help you to reach your targets. For example: a popular New Year's resolution is to lose weight or make healthy changes to our diet. However, it’s never that simple. Most diet resolutions we make are a total waste of time, often left behind before January’s end. It doesn’t have to be like this, however. There are plenty of diet resolutions that are worth making that can help you be healthier in 2020. 

Give Up Bad Habits
What are you putting into your body? Some bad habits we know are bad. If you have issues with substance abuse, you might want to consider contacting a drug and alcohol rehab center for assistance. You might also consider giving up smoking cigarettes. However, these aren’t the only substances you might be in the habit of putting into your body that are hurting it. Too much sugar, processed food, chocolate, and carbonated drinks are bad dietary habits you should consider quitting. 
Drink More Water

Drinking more water is one of the easiest things you can do for your health. Your body is made up of at least 50% water. It needs water to work at its best, but we constantly lose water. Rehydrating keeps your organs functioning at their best, your blood pressure healthy, and your skin soft and youthful. Bottom line: water helps your body work properly. Make a resolution to drink more water. Carry a water bottle around with you, sipping throughout the day... and try to drink a full glass of water with every meal. 

Try New Things
When it comes to food, many of us are guilty of sticking to the familiar. We only eat foods we know we like, shop at the same stores, rotate the same few meals, or eat out at the same restaurants. Essentially, we play it safe food wise. However, that means there’s no variation in your diet. Stepping out of your comfort zone to try new foods, restaurants, etc. introduces new ingredients and nutrients to your diet. This in turn can provide you with a big health boost and improve your immune system. 

Stick to Meat Free Monday
Eating less meat can be good for the planet. While meat is generally healthy for you, having a day dedicated to eating without it can help boost your vegetable intake. Try to stick to meat-free Monday. By doing so, you'll be open to experimenting with new vegetarian/vegan recipes and trying new vegetables. 
Cook More
Cooking from scratch means you know exactly what you're putting into your body. It also gives you a chance to add more vegetables and other healthy ingredients into your diet -- while also skipping preservatives and other nasty ingredients. Make a resolution to cook more in the new year, instead of simply warming pre-cooked food up...or ordering takeout.

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