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Five Reasons Why Lancaster Is the Foodie's Paradise for a Short Break #lancaster #pennsylvania #foodietravel

Are you planning some food-centered travel in 2020? If so, you should definitely consider a visit to Lancaster, Pennsylvania! As The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent shows in this article, quaint Lancaster -- located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country -- offers several great reasons to pay it a visit!
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If you’re a true foodie, there’s no greater excitement than exploring different cities that offer lots of food options! Lancaster, located in southern Pennsylvania, is undoubtedly one of the best areas for a short break in 2020 and beyond.  Here are five reasons why a trip to this part of the Keystone State should be on every foodie’s agenda for their next getaway!  
#1. Traditional Tasting Experiences  
A quick look at the best restaurants in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, instantly highlights why the city is so popular with foodies. The authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine is very appealing, because residents and chefs alike add unique regional flavors to American classic dishes. When combined with the versatility of dishes -- including many for people with specific nutritional needs -- it's a big treat for the taste buds. Eating out is a highlight for any vacation, and that’s one big reason to visit this part of Pennsylvania.
#2. The Food Markets  
When you love being around food, the unique atmosphere of the Lancaster food markets is very appealing. You can learn about ingredients, as well as gain helpful tips and recipes. When staying in a private rental rather than a hotel, you can even take some of your food market finds back home with you to cook a memorable meal! Even if you’re simply browsing, it’s definitely an unforgettable experience for any foodie. The distinct sights, smells, and sounds of the food markets are sure to fill you with happiness. This is a key component for a great vacation.
#3. Adventure Opportunities  
In addition to typical foodie experiences, Lancaster offers the chance to enjoy amazing foodie adventures! For example, there are plenty of great camping spots in this region that allow you to "rough it" with local foods. Alternatively, fishing in the Susquehanna River, Hammer Creek, and other local fishing venues will provide ample fun. There’s no one right or wrong way to do things, but foodie adventures are sure to make the a stay in Lancaster memorable for foodies who enjoy the great outdoors.
#4. Wine Tasting Experiences 
If you love food, it’s likely you’ll love wine tasting and beer tasting too. Lancaster is home to several different wine tours. For beer lovers, the Lancaster Brewing Co. and Wacker Brewing Co. offer beer-centric experiences for groups and individuals. Whether it’s wine or beer, a boozy afternoon followed by a trip to one of the area's great restaurants is sure to make for a memorable day. You can also pick up some fabulous holiday gifts from some of the breweries...and some will even allow you to make your own bottle. 
#5. The Chocolate 
Nearly everyone loves the sweet taste of chocolate. Chocoholics visiting Lancaster can head to Wilbur Chocolates to sample some of their signature confections. Treats can be purchased by the pound or in gift sets. You can even watch master chocolatiers create your favorite treats. Whether buying for yourself or friends and family back home, you won't be disappointed. The rich, luxurious tastes of these artisan chocolates are simply unbeatable.

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