Thursday, December 26, 2019

Four Easy Ideas for Holiday Treats to Make With Children #cookingwithkids #kidsinthekitchen #holidaybaking

Christmas may be over until 2020...but the holiday season isn't quite finished! Next week is New Year's Eve...and Twelfth Night is in early January. There's still plenty of celebrating to do before we bid the 2019 holiday season goodbye! Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing four great ideas for holiday treats you can create in the kitchen with your kids during their holiday school break! This post may contain affiliate links.

The holidays are a wonderful excuse for gourmets to try out new recipes and make all kinds of tasty treats. If you have young children acting as your happy helper elves in the kitchen this holiday season, you’ll definitely need some simple recipes they can assist with. Making holiday treats with the little ones is fun for them and for you....and it's a great way to encourage them to start enjoying cooking and baking. Here are some great ideas to get your started! 
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(1) Eggnog
Eggnog is a classic holiday beverage that's beloved by adults and children alike. The rich creaminess of this drink makes it a great choice for kids with a sweet tooth...and it's relatively simple to make. Before adding alcohol, eggnog is definitely a fun kid-friendly party mocktail. For the adults, try serving your eggnog with a boozy twist! Make this classic eggnog drink, which contains a bit of rum. 

(2) Hot Chocolate
Take hot chocolate beyond stirring some chocolate powder into warm milk. Instead, try melting premium chopped chocolate in milk...then add fun flavors like peppermint or gingerbread. Before serving, pile mugs of hot chocolate high with whipped cream, marshmallows, and/or sprinkles to make things extra fun!

(3) Holiday Bark
Chocolate bark is a simple recipe that even very young children can help with. You can change up your bark to include all kinds of treats and toppings...and this no-bake treat can be ready in less than 20 minutes. Simply melt some chocolate and spread it on a parchment-lined baking tray. Ask the kids to sprinkle on whatever toppings they like. Try colorful candies, crushed candy canes, marshmallows, pieces of salted pretzel...or whatever else strikes your fancy. Bark makes a great holiday snack, and it's a great present for children to give to their teachers or school friends.

(4) Cookies
Baking cookies as a family is a classic holiday activity. Whether you choose to go classic and make chocolate chip cookies -- or if you opt for something fancier with interesting flavors or delicious fillings -- cookies are a simple recipe to get kids involved with. Let them help choose what kind of cookies to make. When they’re baked, package the cookies up. Homemade cookies are a wonderful gift any time of the year -- especially for grandparents, who will love a handmade gift from their grandkids. 

Getting kids involved in the kitchen can be lots of fun during the holidays -- especially if they show an interest in what you’re doing when you’re cooking. Whether you’re making edible gifts for friends and family...or preparing treats for your family to enjoy...over the festive season, kids will love being allowed to help! Let them help choose flavors and toppings, then let them enjoy getting messy while they bake or cook. Explain to them what you’re doing, so they can begin to learn proper cooking and baking techniques for themselves. By starting them off in the kitchen with you, you may foster a lifelong interest in food...including cooking or baking. You'll definitely create special holiday memories in the kitchen!

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