Monday, December 2, 2019

How to Enjoy Fine Dining Without the Family #datenight #finedining #dinnerparty #foodietravel #emptynest

Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing tips that will help empty-nester parents find new ways to enjoy fine dining now that their kids have left the nest! The post may contain affiliate links.

Are you ready to enjoy the finer things in life now that you’re footloose and fancy-free (of the kids...) empty nesters? Here’s some foodspiration for you to enjoy now that you have all the time in the world to celebrate. 

Let’s Dine Away
If you’ve got the time, why not focus your travel toward your food? If you look at some senior travel sites, you might find a like-minded group of people who also enjoy fine wines and indulgent Mediterranean dishes. A food-focused trip might be right up your alley if you enjoy mixing with people and discussing haute cuisine over a glass of bubbly. 

Try Immersive Dining
Don’t just get immersed in your food, get immersed in your surroundings! There are literally thousands of dining experiences -- from dining in the middle of a musical to eating blindfolded in the dark. Why not get a group together and start an immersive dining club with friends? These experiences can range from the weird and thoughtful and there’s a little something for everyone.

Cooking Courses
Why not take a step up from your normal "sit and eat" and actually cook the food you taste? There are cooking classes for all cooking levels -- from novice to Michelin star. You can also explore new foods, including vegan or a meat lover’s favorite dishes. Taking a cooking class with a friend or partner adds an extra level of competitiveness too, as you try to compete with each other. 

Dining With An Extreme Twist
Why not step outside of your comfort zone and explore dining with a twist? You can take this one of two ways: either eating something extreme or eating somewhere extreme. Feeling brave? Why not eat on a table suspended at the top of an extremely tall building? Or perhaps try some insect delectables in an extreme eating experience somewhere near you. Keep an eye out for odd -- but memorable -- experiences in your area to experience extreme dining and its finest.

Fine Fine Dining
If you really want to take your dining up a notch, why not try something truly fancy? Eat out at a super swanky hotel; dress to impress; and really push the boat out with a four-, five-, six-, even a seven-course meal. Some experiences even come complete with chef’s choice and some paired wines! The best part of larger course meals is that chefs often use these menus to feature experimental new dishes -- so you could end up trying something truly unique.

Throw A Dinner Party
Why not throw a dinner party and try out your cooking skills on a willing and supportive group of friends? Maybe even take it a step further and make it a potluck to take the pressure off yourself and share the cooking responsibility. You can even arrange a monthly exchange with your favorite foodie friends so you all take a turn to host.

Once you find yourself with enough time to truly enjoy your food, you'll have the perfect opportunity to cultivate new cooking experiences...and make the most of your fine dining.

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