Tuesday, January 21, 2020

How a Full Health Check Up Can Start Making You Feel Good #healthy2020 #starttheyearright #focusonhealth

My Get Healthy 2020 spotlight continues today with a look at the importance of a yearly health checkup to ensure your body is operating at peak performance. Of course, that starts with cooking and eating healthy meals -- but there's so much more to consider! Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing which types of annual health checks are vital to start the new year off right. This article may contain affiliate links.
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A new year is a great reason to focus on your health! You may feel a bit run down after a few weeks of eating a poor diet over Christmas -- and the first few weeks of the new year can be hard to get motivated. If you’re in a location where the weather isn't fantastic during January, the cold, rain, and lack of Sun can also affect your mood and general health. That means getting your general health looked at is a good idea!

Your Hearing
We often overlook our hearing. Because it's something that always seems to be there, we often take it for granted. Whatever age you are, you can start to have hearing problems. Sometimes we don’t notice hearing problems until we notice we're having to repeatedly ask people to repeat something again for us. Getting your hearing checked is not a bad thing! Sometimes the cause of muffled hearing is simple -- like a buildup of ear wax or minor infection. In some cases, however, you may need to start wearing a hearing aid(s). If you already wear a hearing aid, you're not immune to having issues with built-up ear wax or infections -- learn more here.

Your Eyesight 
Another one of your senses that you should take good care of is your eyesight. Having your eyes tested every two years will help you keep your vision working at its best. Whether or not you wear glasses/contact lenses, you should make an annual appointment with your optician to have your vision tested. If your eyesight has changed, you may find yourself straining to see screens -- which can lead to headaches. 

Visit Your Dentist 
A trip to the dentist is something many people put off -- but getting your teeth checked at least annually is important! There are a number of dental problems that you won’t know about without visiting the dentist for a checkup. A regular dental exam will help pinpoint the warning signs of these issues. Then, you can make necessary changes to your dental hygiene routine to possibly avoid dental work -- or even losing an unhealthy tooth. 

Your General Health
Getting a general health checkup from your primary care doctor will help ensure that you don’t have any health problems you're unaware of. Sometimes you won’t notice the symptoms yourself. However, when the doctor does their exam, they may notice certain signs/symptoms. High blood pressure is one example of something that a physician could pick up on. Once a health issue is discovered, you can take preventative steps in your life to improve your health. For example, you can change aspects of your diet, cut down on alcohol consumption, and start to exercise more.  

The other area of your overall health you should check in on is your mental health. This category is often overlooked. However, by asking yourself how you're feeling -- in general -- each day will help you identify problems and quickly address them.

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