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Five Rules for Dinner Parties #dinnerparty #homeentertaining #throwaparty

I LOVE planning dinner parties! There's nothing better than inviting a few of your favorite friends and family members to your home for a delicious meal. Good company...delicious food...and a custom music playlist is a magical combination! Want to throw a dinner party...but don't know how to get started planning? Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing five easy rules to ensure you cover all your dinner party bases! This article may contain affiliate links.
Dinner parties are always a great way to show off your gourmet cooking skills. So...get ready to invite your friends or family over, pop a few bottles of wine, and enjoy each other’s company! However, make sure you follow these five simple rules to ensure it's a great dinner party!

Rule 1: Set Up Correctly
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It’s important to establish the theme or type of dinner party you want to throw. Will it be a casual affair, a dress-up party, or even a formal gathering with bow ties? Determining the set up is important so you can properly plan the food, decor, and music to match. It will also help you stay organized and ensure your dinner party goes off without a hitch. For the menu, it’s important to agree on what type of food to serve. Will you serve a sit-down meal, buffet-style -- or maybe even just appetizers and cocktails?

Rule 2: Make Sure You Have Enough Space
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You wouldn’t be the first host to get over-excited and invite too many people -- only to not have the time or space to feed everyone. Make sure you determine a reasonable number of people so you can plan accordingly and avoid embarrassment when your food runs out after 10 minutes. It’s best to finalize the number of guests so you make the appropriate space for everyone to comfortably fit around the table. You don’t want guests to feel uncomfortable, nor do you want your best friend getting stuck in a conversation with a guy asking her What are dabs?”.

Rule 3: Send Proper Invitations
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Just because it’s a small dinner party doesn’t mean it can’t feel and look professional. Formal invitations are a nice touch to any dinner party, and they get your guests excited for what’s in store for them when they arrive. The invitation you choose helps set the tone and should include clear instructions on when the dinner party will take place -- and also what to wear. 

Rule 4: Don’t Use Too Many Utensils
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Even if they look nice, try to avoid putting too many excess utensils on the dinner table. This keeps your table looking clear and concise, and it won't confuse any of your guests around the dinner table. If you don’t need an oyster fork for the meal your serving, then don’t put one on the table! 

Rule 5: Be Clear About the Food
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It’s important to clearly notify your guests what the food you'll be serving at the dinner party. This helps anyone with allergies or specific diet preferences notify you beforehand. For example: you don’t want to put a plate full of shellfish in front of someone with a serious allergy, nor do you want to serve a huge piece of of meat to a vegan. Make sure your guests know what type of food is going to be served so there's no drama around the dinner table. You certainly don’t want any awkward moments if your guests are unable to eat their food!

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