Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Three Things That Can Help You Keep Your Spirits up When Going through a Tough Time #healthy2020 #mentalhealth #overcomingobstacles

Healthy Living Month includes more than our physical health...our mental well-being is important too! Life isn't always smooth and easy..we all have tough times we have to overcome. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing three great tips to help keep your spirits up when these tough times come. This article may contain affiliate links.
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It would be great if life was always a blissful and uplifting experience...without any stress, tragedy, or disappointment. Of course, that’s not actually the world we live in. As unwelcome a fact as this may be, we all experience various troubles and difficult periods in our live -- which can range from needing to be admitted to a partial hospitalization rehab having to deal with a serious ongoing illness...or being let go from a “dream job.” Here are a few actions you can do that may help keep your spirits up when you're going through a tough time.

Take Time to Appreciate Life's Simple Pleasures
If the “big picture” of your life seems distorted and unclear, it’s all the more important to take time to notice and appreciate the simple pleasures in life – things you encounter in the everyday that can make things just a bit more bright and pleasant. For example: eat tasty and nutritious meals that you enjoy...pause to appreciate a beautiful sunset on your way home...or enjoy a soak in a relaxing, hot bath with Epsom salts.

The specific small blessings you encounter over the course of your day-to-day life will, of course, be particular to you and your unique circumstances. However, if you look carefully, there will always be something you can take the time to appreciate and be thankful for.

Force Yourself to Spend Time with People You Care About...and Share a Few Laughs
Spending time with people who you genuinely care about is one of the best ways to help safeguard and restore your emotional health. Doing so also helps shield you from whatever unwelcome situation you may be confronting. If you have a significant other, don’t push them away out of frustration or distraction. Instead, make sure to allow enough time for the two of you to spend together. If you have family you're close to who live nearby, make time to visit them. If you have good friends in town, make an effort to see them

During all of these meaningful interactions, it can be especially helpful to find the opportunity to share a few laughs – whether that means playing a game together, watching a funny movie...or just sharing personal anecdotes and inside jokes.

Stay Active, and Pursue Short-Term Goals and Hobbies
When there are big and frustrating issues to be dealt with and overcome, stagnation and inactivity are often an automatic side effect for your usual hobbies, goals, and ambitions. Don’t allow yourself to sit around in a state of listless despair, though! When you’re going through a difficult situation, it's critically important that you keep yourself active, continuing to pursue your short-term goals and activities.

Depending on the weight and difficulty of the situation you’re confronted by, these goals can be as small-scale as “cook dinner each night of the week.” The more you’re able to maintain a sense of control and direction -- even in the small things -- the better you will feel...and the better off you’ll be.

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