Thursday, January 23, 2020

Three Ways to Look After Yourself This Year #healthy2020 #livehealthy #selfcare

Life is hectic...and busy! It's often hard to find time to take a break for ourselves. However, self care is vitally important! That's why we're taking a vacation to Atlanta and Savannah next month. As The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent explains, there are a trio of ways that allow us to look after our personal well-being this year! This feature may contain affiliate links.

We are always so busy rushing from task to task that it's rare that we prioritize taking care of ourselves. When we juggle life -- from home to family to work -- our self care often slips to the bottom of the pile. Today, we want to share a few ideas to put yourself back on top. Here are three excellent ways to look after yourself this year. 
How good are you at taking a break? We so rarely slow down, because we always have so much to do -- things that don't get done if we rest. We understand this and know the feeling --but if you don’t take time for regular rest, you'll struggle to perform at your best. Aim for an early night in bed once every week or so. Go up to bed half an hour or so earlier than you normally would...and you'll soon feel the benefit.

Switch off by reading a book every day. Reading lowers your stress levels and improves your blood pressure -- along with increasing your vocabulary, boosting your creativity, and improving your memory. Reading is also a great way to rest, so curl up with a book and a hot drink to take a little time out from your day.

Why not enjoy a hot bubble bath? You can put on some relaxing music, light a few candles, and then sink into those luxurious bubbles. Even if you only manage to grab 10 minutes in the tub, you'll emerge feeling rested and relaxed. 

Improve Your Health and Fitness
Think about your current health and fitness levels...then look at ways you can improve by fitting simple changes into your schedule and routine. For example: you could aim to increase your water intake, walk to work instead of driving or taking the bus, or even look into ways to enjoy cooking at home so you cook from scratch more often rather than eating out. 

It's often the little things that you manage to turn into habits that make the biggest difference in your health and think carefully about things you want to do differently this year to improve your health and fitness. 

Go On Adventures
We all know that travel broadens our minds and expands our experiences, so make this the year that you get out there and go on some fun adventures! The adventures you take will boost your confidence and offer you a fresh perspective. New experiences like traveling to visit new places will reinvigorate you, along with giving you plenty to look forward to.

You might be keen to try something exotic like Borneo Tours -- or maybe you want to trek in Peru. You might instead want to explore San Francisco...or perhaps you're drawn to a trip to Scotland. Turn those dreams into reality and book your dream vacation this year! If far away travels are not possible, take some time to go on an adventure closer to home. Pack a picnic and take a road trip somewhere new this weekend! You will soon see there are plenty of adventures to be had right in your backyard. 

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