Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Why Is Germany a Perfect European Weekend Location? #WGTravel #germany #traveleurope

Are you planning a European vacation this year? If so, a few days exploring Germany would be a fabulous addition to your itinerary! Today, The Weekend Gourmet’s correspondent is sharing a few of the best things about visiting Germany—including its amazing regional FOOD!!

Germany’s history is so vast and complex that there is far too much to see and do — even if you were to stay for an entire year. The grand palaces and castles stand proudly through the flat countryside...and there are so many wonderful towns and cities to visit that are steeped in history. Their major cities — Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt — all have huge business hubs and are great places for trade. 
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What makes Germany a great weekend destination is that it is full of surprises! There are plenty of cities to choose from, depending upon your tastes. If you prefer art, you may choose Cologne; if you enjoy the history, then you may choose Berlin; and if you want something a little out of the way and rural, you should consider Dresden in the East. 

There is a lot of gothic architecture to be found in some of the rural areas, while Germany’s larger cities remain a little more cosmopolitan. Getting out of the city can be a fantastic place to start — especially if you have a car and can go roaming. Of course, it’s good important to carefully research any German regions that charge you to enter, because they have specific laws on low emissions and keeping their areas clean. You can find out more about these regional charges at https://duitsemilieusticker.nl/umweltzone.
Hotels in Germany range from smaller boutique styles to larger resorts. Although Germany isn’t really renowned for its beach locations, it does have a coastal region. Coastal Germany is typically where German residents spend their Summer — not tourists. However, this shouldn’t put you off from having a peek at what the area. Sellin on Rugen is a little island in the north of Germany that is the most delightful spot in Summer...the area can reach high temperatures around 90 in warmer months. This picturesque island is the jewel of the North Sea! You can see just what makes Sellin on Rugin fabulous just by looking at the following photos: https://www.tourism.de/rugen-island/.

Of course, we cannot forget that Germany is incredibly famous for its FOOD! German sausages, schnitzels, dark chocolate, mulled wine, beer, dumplings, and pretzels...the list is endless! You can taste this amazing regional cuisine firsthand at one of the many eating places across the country. Germans are incredibly passionate about their food, so there will never be a lack of delicious treats to enjoy — so be sure to bring your appetite!

The next time you’re thinking of European vacation destinations, take a little look at Germany and all its treasures. English is widely spoken, and getting around the country is not at all difficult. It’s time to explore! 

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