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Four Party Food Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests #byebyeboring #celebrate #partyfood #entertaining

Planning a get-together with your friends or family this weekend? You'll definitely need to serve some snacks! Instead of serving your typical appetizer favorites...why not step outside the box and serve your guests bites with fresh, global influences? Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing four great party food ideas that are creative...and anything but boring! This article may contain affiliate links.
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Do your have friends coming over for a party at your place this weekend? If so, the pressure is on to whip up some tasty party food that will have everyone chowing down with a smile on their faces! Luckily, there are tons of potential party food ideas. Party food should be small and easy to eat -- meaning you can serve a variety of options so your guests keep coming back for more. You can go for "tried and true" items like chips and queso...or pigs in a blanket. Or? You can push the envelope and serve something new and exciting! Here's a quartet of party food ideas that are sure to impress your guests.

We’ll kick things off with a deliciously cheesy concoction from Sicily. Arancini are basically deep-fried rice balls. They contain risotto rice. The cooked rice is typically mixed with cheese, sauce, and some other fillings...then breaded and fried. They’re very tasty and relatively easy to make. The video below demonstrates how to cook arancini. One of the best things about this appetizer is their versatility -- you can mix the flavors to reflect your guests' preferences. These tasty treats will definitely have your guests asking for a second helping!


Next, let’s journey to El Salvador for a hidden party food gem. Pupusas are basically little corn cakes filled with cheese, chilies, and other items you like. They’re very popular in Central America...and they’re ideal for parties. The small size means they can be eaten in just a few mouthfuls, giving your guests the chance to go back for more! It’s important to follow an authentic pupusas recipe, because there are certain key ingredients you need to include to ensure your pupusas are authentic. Overall, pupusas are a savory treat packed full of flavors that really hit the spot. 

Onion Bhajis

Indian cuisine is always excellent for party food. In truth, there are many little things you can make that call upon that incorporate essential Indian flavor. However, onion bhajis are probably your best choice. They’re very easy for you to put together...but you can still play around with different ingredients. The end result is something that’s crispy, light, and chock full of delicious Indian spices. 

Falafel & Hummus
Finally, we have a delicious option for vegetarians and vegans. Falafel is typically a Morrocan appetizer, but it comes in so many different forms. Falafel is a deep-fried ball typically made from chickpeas, which means it has lots of protein...and great nutrients. Falafel is a perfect party food idea for anyone who's trying to eat healthily this year. Falafel tends to be low in saturated fats and calories, making it a lighter option...and it pairs perfectly with hummus. You can easily make your own hummus to go alongside your falafel -- or serve them with your favorite dips on the side. The idea is that your guests keep going back to pick up a falafel ball, give it a dip, then munch it as they mingle. 

Buying party food from a restaurant or grocery store is easy and effortless...but it’s not going to impress your guests. Do something extra, push the envelope a bit! These four party food ideas presented above can all be served together on your food table -- giving your guests a choice of four different global cuisines and flavors. 

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