Friday, February 14, 2020

Four Professionals You Should Have on Speed Dial #professionalhelp #healthy2020 #whoyougonnacall

It's a huge blessing when life goes smoothly. Then? Something happens to upset the balance...and you assistance from specialists who can quickly help to resolve your issue! As part of my ongoing Healthy 2020 focus, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing four professionals you need to have on speed dial...experts you can call the second an urgent issue comes up. This article may contain affiliate links.
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Life can be unpredictable...and sometimes we need to turn to professionals for advice and guidance. Here are four professionals you need to have on speed dial to quickly deal with whatever life throws at you.

Most of us will only need to use an attorney once or twice in our lifetime (if we’re lucky). However, modern life can throw us a curveball every now and then, and we find ourselves in need of professional legal help. There are numerous reasons you could find yourself in need of an attorney. From a car accident that requires specialist injury medical malpractice, employment disputes, criminal defense, and family law. Having an attorney you know and trust -- who you can call on when you need them -- is preferable to scrambling to find an attorney when an unexpected crisis arises. When choosing an attorney, look for one with the experience and credentials to deal with a range of legal issues -- or who can refer you to specialist should you need them.

It is estimated that more than 20% of people make a mistake on their tax return. These mistakes can cost you money in the form of fines -- or by overpaying your taxes due to a calculation error. If you’re the type of person who rushes through your taxes at the last minute, finding a good tax accountant can save you a lot of stress. Even if your annual tax return is fairly straightforward and you have no special conditions -- such as self-employment -- it’s good to have an experienced professional review your taxes and keep you current on changing regulations. You’ll be less likely to trigger an IRS audit if you have follow all tax regulations and procedures.

Primary Care Doctor
We trust doctors with our health and well-being -- and our lives. Your primary care doctor isn’t just a doctor, they get to know you and your medical records. This is a relationship that can last for decades. For the relationship to truly work, it needs to be based on experience and trust. As you get older, you’ll need to work closely with your primary care doctor to keep you healthy well into your later years. Your choice of doctors can be limited by your health insurance provider, but you still need to take the time to research potential primary care doctor. You can then visit them to see if you have a rapport and can likely build trust. Studies have shown that good access to primary healthcare improves a patient's risks for stroke, heart disease, and cancer.

No one likes to go to the dentist, but your oral health is just as important as your general health. In fact, there's an established link between gum disease and heart disease. While a good oral health routine that includes brushing, flossing, and maintaining a good diet will head off many dental problems, you still need to visit your dentist regularly -- or if you damage your teeth in some way. As with choosing a primary care doctor, choosing a dentist may be limited by your insurance provider. That said, you should still research and seek recommendations from friends and family. If you’re a particularly nervous patient, look for dentists that specialize in treating patients like you.  

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