Thursday, February 20, 2020

How Can You Eat More Healthy #healthy2020 #healthyeating #lhealthylifestyle #personalwellness

My Healthy 2020 initiative is going strong as Winter turns toward Spring! One of my biggest health changes this year is to eat healthier. For me, that means eating 100% plant-based every other week...and eating healthier forms of protein on our non-vegetarian weeks. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing some helpful tips to make it easier to eat a more healthful diet. This feature may contain affiliate links.

There are certain things we need to be at our healthiest, happiest best. For example: exercise, time spent outdoors, and healthy food are all essential. Of these three things, it’s usually the healthy eating aspect that people struggle with the most. You might want to eat well, but the temptation of less than healthy foods can sometimes override that desire. Before we know it, we’re stuck in a lifestyle that isn’t as healthy as it could be. In this feature, we’re going to provide some useful tips that’ll have you eating better...which results in an overall better life!
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Know the Benefits
You may have heard that you need to eat well, but what good results will you experience? It’s not enough to be told to do something -- you have to know why you should do it. If you have an understanding of all the positive benefits that eating well will bring to your life, then you’ll be more inclined to take the steps required to eat well. So what are these specific health benefits? People who focus on eating healthy foods can expect to have more energy, less body fat, and even a clearer mind. Even better? That’s just a starting point! Give healthy eating a try, and you’ll likely find there are plenty of other positive outcomes.

Find Your Favorite Dishes
Part of the reason people stay away from healthy food is that they have a misconception of what it involves. If you think that healthy eating is only about eating salads, then think again! There are many healthy foods that are much more interesting than lettuce and tomatoes.  While these two foods are loaded with essential micronutrients, they can sometimes get too boring when eaten often. You can add in other fruits and vegetables when cooking your favorite meals. For example, you'll benefit from a wider range of nutrients if you switch to a healthy Caesar salad dressing recipe. The variety of ingredients in this dressing contain the essential foods your body needs to be healthy. Conduct some research to learn which foods are good for you...and which are not-so-good for you. Then, look at incorporating these foods into your life. It's also a good idea to have meal at a health-focused restaurant -- just to see what’s possible when it comes to eating healthy food that tastes great too.

Essential Recipes
Of course, you're likely not going to eat out at a restaurant for every meal. If you’re going to eat well, you’ll also need to know how to prepare some healthy meals at home. Making dishes focusing on healthy ingredients is not as difficult as some people believe. If you’re relatively inexperienced in the kitchen, begin by adding a few simple meals to your roster -- including this easy crockpot bean soup, which is healthy and delicious. From there, you can look at making more complex meals. If you’re avoiding preparing meals at home because your kitchen isn’t equipped with the necessary utensils and appliances to do so? Then do some research and get it into shape. With the right essential cooking tools in place, you’ll enjoy the cooking process much more.

Allow Cheat Days
Finally, give yourself some leeway when it comes to healthy eating for life. You’ll make healthy eating a more consistent part of your life if you allow yourself to eat a comparatively unhealthy meal or snack from time to time via a strategically planned cheat day/meal. For example: one doughnut isn’t going to do any long-term damage -- as long as it’s not a regular thing. Plan your cheat day meal, enjoy it...and then immediately return to your healthy eating strategy!

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