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How to Get More Out of Your Cooking at Home #homecooking #eatin #cookathome

Cooking at home is preferable for many reasons...including saving money and control of the type of ingredients you choose. However, many people get stuck in a rut when it comes to cooking. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing some great tips to get more out of your home cooking! This article may contain affiliate links.

Cooking at home can be an enjoyable experience. However, perhaps you've recently been finding the task of cooking a little boring? That might be because you’ve been sticking to the same old recipes and cooking styles you're used to. There’s a whole world of cooking yet to discover! Here are some tips to help you get more out of cooking at home.
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Tip 1: Use Herbs and Marinades
Cooking foods on their own like meat, fish, or meat substitutes can be great -- but you’re not going to experience the true flavor enhancement that comes from using herbs, spices, and marinades in your recipes. There are basic herbs that you may have stored in your cupboard. However, it’s important to try more spice varieties that are available, because the difference it can make to your food is incredible. For example: This easy pork chop marinade, can do wonders for your dishes. It can also help change up the meals you’re having each week -- even if you’re using the same base recipe. Did you know that dark chocolate or red wine mixed into bolognese or chili can add an extra depth of flavor that you never thought possible? Start looking at the herb section at your local grocery store to get an idea of the wide range of spices and spice blends that are available

Tip 2: Experiment With Different Dishes
There are thousands of different dishes that come from cuisines across the globe. The beauty of cooking is that each person might tweak and/or change the recipe slightly to make their personal version of a classic dish. Experimenting with different dishes can help you discover new flavors. This experimentation also makes things infinitely more interesting when it comes to the kitchen. Face it: it can get a little boring cooking the same meal every week. Most of us cook the same basic meals partly due to laziness. However, if you want to start enjoying the cooking process more, it’s important to delve into a world of new-to-you dishes you’ve not yet tried.

Tip 3: Buy Better Kitchen Utensils and Appliances
The chef is only as good as the kitchen utensils or appliances they use. Although you may be a talented cook, buying the right tools can make things much easier for you. Consider investing in kitchen appliances that will make cooking an easier and/or more enjoyable activity. For example, when it comes to baking and mixing, getting a KitchenAid stand mixer can be a real game changer when it comes to making your favorite cake or flavored cookies. Start out buying a few new kitchen items to see what difference they make when you’re cooking and/or baking in the kitchen.
Tip 4: Cook With Your Family or Friends
There’s an enjoyment that comes from cooking when you’re alone. However, for some, cooking with a partner or friend can be fun too! If you’ve got friends who like to throw dinner parties, how about organizing one where everyone gets involved with the cooking? It can be a way of socializing, but it also ensures everyone has a part to play in the preparation of the meal. A meal can certainly be a group effort -- one to enjoy with family and friends, instead of them relaxing until the meal is ready.

Tip 5: Create a Recipe Book or Folder
For any seasoned cook, it's important to have a bank of recipes you can refer back to. You may have eaten the same food week after week, but changing it up can help you enjoy your cooking more. Create a recipe book or folder...then you can meal plan these dishes, buy in the ingredients, and have something different than what you’d typically cook. Experimenting with recipes and ingredients can definitely bring new-found enjoyment for cooking. Once again, they key is to experiment with different dishes!0 Keep your recipe book/folder in the kitchen -- or within reach of the kitchen area -- so you can tweak your meal plans every so often.

Getting more out of cooking at home is important, since it's something you’ll likely do most days. Use some of these tips to enhance your cooking skills and explore new dishes that make you fall in love with the kitchen again. Make dishes with friends, experiment with different herbs and spices...and be sure to change things up wherever you can.

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