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San Antonio McDonald's Employee Zach Budde's Inspiring Success Story #mddonalds #archwaystoopportunity #successstory #sanantonionews

The Contreras family are the owners of the McDonald's location where Zack Budde (center in cap & gown) works. Over the past 3 years, they've become like family to Zach

A few months ago, I told you about McDonald's innovative Archways to Opportunity™ program. Via this company-wide initiative, McDonald’s and its independent local Owner/Operators help their employees meet their individual educational goals. Among its benefits, Archways to Opportunity™ helps McDonald's employees earn their high school diploma...or their college degree. Since 2015, the program has provided assistance to more than 38,500 McDonald’s employees nationwide!

Zach Budde is an inspiring example 
of what determination and hard work
can achieve...paired with 
McDonald's Archways 

to Opportunity™ Program.
One especially inspiring Archways to Opportunity™ success story is found right here in San Antonio! With a strong determination to make a better life for himself, Zach Budde is a prime example of how personal determination and the Archways to Opportunity program can transform a person's life for the better. Shelly Contreras' family owns the McDonald’s location where Zach currently works. They gave Zach -- who was homeless and dealing with addiction -- a place to stay. They also sponsored him through the Archways to Opportunity program, where he recently earned his high school diploma. 

According to Ms. Contreras:

A member of the Contreras family and sponsor
Jonathan Mitchell celebrate Zach's high
school diploma.
“Three years ago, Zachary Budde made a decision to change his life. He was facing opioid addiction and homelessness, but found a way to change all that. Through rehabilitation at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas -- a faith-based program -- then growing within the McDonald’s family, Zach not only changed his life, but became an important part of our world and community. We became instant family! Or hearts accepted him into our lives, provided a home -- he slept on our couch -- and our family offered him a job. Our business and community could not have expected such a dedicated, loyal, and cheerful young man. 

Zach is a currently taking part in the
McDonald's Management Training
During his career at McDonald’s, he was accepted into the Archways to OpportunityWe are so proud of the steps this young man has taken and welcome him into our lives and our business! Our McDonalds family is a better place because Zach is here -- he helps lifts us all through his example, work, and dedication.”

Zach gets a congratulatory hug
from Jonathan Mitchell, his 

mentor and rehabilitation
Another key contributor to Zach's success is his mentor and sponsor Jonathan Mitchell -- a former USFL player and a Director at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas rehabilitation centers. Zach is currently 22 years old, and is taking part in McDonalds' comprehensive management training program.In addition to the Archways for Opportunity™ education benefits discussed above, McDonald’s management works with its student employees to provide flexible work schedules that are coordinated with their school schedules. Employees also receive one free meal per shift, which is a huge perk for busy students!  

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for McDonald's. 

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