Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Signs You're a Clumsy Person #healthy2020 #staysafe #accidentprone

Some people -- including ME -- are clumsy aka "accident prone"! We trip while walking on a flat surface, stub our toes constantly, etc. While I face my clumsiness with knowing acceptance...and a healthy dose of laughter...being accident prone can be dangerous! Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing a few sure signs that YOU might be you read, see if anything sounds familiar. This article may contain affiliate links.
Has anyone ever told you that you're clumsy? Do you find yourself with a good share of bruises and bumps...but can’t remember where they're all coming from? You could be a naturally clumsy person. The problem with being clumsy is that it can be painful! You may be well acquainted with one of the most prominent law firms in town purely because of the times you’ve injured yourself at work or in public...but could this all come down to your own natural clumsiness? Here are a list of signs that will tell whether you're naturally clumsy...or not.
Emergency Signage
  • Staircases? Not For You! If you find yourself avoiding the stairs because of the times you’ve taken a tumble, you may need to simply avoid using staircases!
  • No Snow! The Winter months can be a treacherous time as it is. However, if you struggle with successfully putting one foot in front of the other, then the ice and snow is definitely an unwelcome guest for you
  • Catching You. Has it become a running joke that your friends and family have put measures in place to stop you from crashing into things...or catching you before you fall? They may not have wrapped you up in bubble wrap yet...but they’re probably not far off!
  • You Have a Warning Sign. Your last birthday was a hoot: some clever friend bought you an actual warning sign so you can wear it in public! Maybe you’ve also got variety of band aids and a First Aid box that you keep with you at all times.
  • It’s No Longer a Shock. Tripping over has become a new trend...and you’re styling it out instead of falling down. Perhaps you’re an actual expert at tripping to the point that you no longer trip properly!
  • Weird Stories. Remember that one time you tripped down the stairs and through the barriers? Everyone in your inner circle knows that famous story about you...and it’s likely not the only story out there, either. 
  • What Bruise? Forget Where’s Waldo?, you’re playing your own game of What Bruise?. You have no idea where half of your bruises come from, so you can’t answer when people ask you about one! 
  • Flats Only, Please. You no longer wear high-heeled shoes. These days, you solely wear flats because heels are definitely a safety hazard. People may tell you heels look better, but flats are definitely going to keep you safer!
  • You’re Embracing It. You know you’re clumsy, your family knows you’re clumsy, your boss knows you’re clumsy. Perhaps you’ve long embraced it because there's no other way for you to be!
It’s not always easy to deal with being clumsy, but you have to if you're going to get through life safely! The injuries that you’ve sustained over time may mostly be your fault -- but any injuries that aren't your fault may need to be handled by an experienced legal team. You shouldn't be alone in your clumsiness -- but that doesn't mean you can’t move purposefully through life and try to avoid getting seriously injured!

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