Monday, February 10, 2020

Three Tips to Get the Most From Dining Out #WGDinesOut #diningout #restaurantmeal

I love cooking at home...but I enjoy going out to eat at a nice restaurant too! Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing a trio of tips to ensure your dining out experience lives up to its full potential. Whether you're seeking the familiar...or something new...we've got you covered! This article may contain affiliate links.
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When you head out to experience the best a restaurant has to offer, it can sometimes feel as though you’re stuck between two options. The first option is choosing the comforting familiarity of visiting and revisiting a restaurant you know will hit the spot. This leads to a safe experience for everyone joining you for the meal. This approach also has the advantage of helping you support a local eatery you especially love. Restaurants put in a great deal of work to manage and improve, so letting your ongoing business demonstrate your appreciation can make all the difference for the restaurant owners and management team.

The second option is trying a new restaurant. This can give us the chance to get out of our comfort zone, eat one of our favorite types of cuisine from a slightly new vantage point, or eve an original take on the food you eat. No matter which option you pick, getting the most from dining out means taking time to assess your options and make the most informed decision possible. With that in mind, the following tips help ensure you have a great time the next time you dine out.

(1) Find the Best Take on One Cuisine
Finding the best take on one cuisine allows you to try the best version of a specific food type. For instance, Oklahoma City's Cattlemen’s Restaurant is known for its incredible steakhouse flavors and love for excellent steaks and other cuts of meat. This approach helps you enjoy excellent smoked flavors and beautifully marbled, seared steaks -- without going to a restaurant without all the appreciation and love of the best-quality restaurant. You can be sure researching the best restaurant to enjoy a specific type of cuisine will result in a phenomenal meal.

(2) Research Your Local Area
Research your local area for dining out ideas. This may help you discover seasonal food festivals or any nearby food trucks. It may also help you discover your city's most celebrated and/or new restaurants for a specific cuisine. That, in turn, can provide focus when seeking to try new-to-you cuisine. You might be surprised to discover that a beautiful, humble restaurant was near your home all this time! Besides...searching for a new restaurant is fun and exciting.

(3) Experiment Outside Your Comfort Zone
Experiment with new types of food and/or restaurants from time to time! For example: you might want to try a new way of having food presented/served to you. This can include opting for an excellent teppanyaki restaurant...or splurging to have an expert Japanese gourmet chef cook some delicious Wagyu beef in front of you.

Likewise, if you’ve yet to experiment with your local eating culture, you may be missing out on a delicious dining experience! For instance, if you live on the seafront but have yet to try its beautiful seafood restaurants, why not start now? It may change your life!

With the above tips, we hope you stay open-minded when it comes to food -- and that you enjoy eating out more than ever.

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