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Tips and Tricks for the Frequent Traveler #WGTravels #travel #roadtrip #seetheworld

I love travel! In fact, I'm sharing this article on the road in Atlanta! Today, Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing some practical tips to make things easier and more enjoyable for frequent travelers. This feature may contain affiliate links.
Whether you travel frequently for your job, for family reasons...or just because you love traveling...there are probably times when you get tired of shuffling around from airport to airport -- or rental car to rental car -- always in transit. It can be tiring, even if you adore traveling. 
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However, there are ways to get the most out of your frequent travel without giving up the holidays, vacations, and business trips you adore. It’s simply a matter of traveling smarter, by ensuring your own comfort and ease when you can. Here are a few ways you can turn your frequent travel into a more comfortable and fun experience. 

Fly First or Business Class
If you’re a frequent traveler and you can afford it, upgrading your seat to fly First Class or Business Class can make a world of difference. Rather than being cramped in the back in Economy, you can relax in comfort and ease. Many people don’t like to fly First Class, because they feel it’s a waste of money...or they don’t like the idea of being “too good” for economy. Those are valid reasons, but upgrading your seat every once in a while for a special treat can make a huge difference!

A Place of Your Own
If you travel frequently to a certain place, why spend money on hotels that charge a fortune and offer minimal comfort and/or convenience when you can rent a place? You can rent cheap hdb Singapore (or other travel destinations), apartments, houses, or condos for the same price -- or even less -- than you’d pay for a hotel room. Having a place of your own, a "home away from home" so to speak, will do wonders for your productivity and comfort. If money is an issue, you can always justify the expense by renting out or subletting the place during months when you’re away -- which can boost your income. 

Get Involved
Are you used to traveling to a city, conducting your business, then going home again without engaging much with local culture? That’s a wasted trip! If time and money allow, it’s always a great idea to engage a little with the local scene while you’re visiting a city. Take time to visit a great restaurant, check out the local parks, go the gym for a quick workout, or even visit a bar for a drink. Places will feel much more like home -- and less like a chore -- when you travel if you take time to become accustomed with your surroundings. You never know, you might just make a friend or two. 

Go Off the Beaten Path
Switching up your travel plans can be fun. If you’re traveling a short distance, why not change things up a bit? Rent a car and drive to your destination, stopping to take photos and visit landmarks along your route. When was the last time you took a road trip? Better yet, why not hop on a train? Taking the scenic route can be such a rewarding and fun thing to do -- truly the trip of a lifetime. After all, it isn’t always about the destination as much as it is the journey!

These are just a few quick ways to make your frequent travel fun well as comfortable and interesting. Happy travels!

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