Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Why You Are Never Too Old to Get Your Teeth Straightened #healthy2020 #straightteeth #healthyteeth #oralhealth

As my Healthy 2002 series continues, we're focusing on dental health. Do you have crooked teeth, but didn't have braces when you were younger...and you think it's too late now? Think again! The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing some key benefits of getting your teeth straightened as an adult -- it's never too late for a great smile! This article may contain affiliate links.
Teeth straightening is an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure. In fact, it’s one of the most common procedures that modern dentists undertake. Teeth straightening is also something many people consider at some point. An estimated 4.5 million Americans get their teeth straightened; around 80% of these patients are children -- most commonly teenagers. Dentists often recommend braces soon after a full set of adult teeth are complete, and it’s common for teens to spend years wearing braces. However, we don't see adults wearing braces nearly as often.

If it’s not something that's already been corrected, most adults just stick with the smile they have. However, this can be a mistake! Today, teeth straightening is easier and less painful than ever. It’s also often cheaper than it used to be too. It's certainly never too late. If you're unhappy with your smile, here are some key reasons why it’s never too late to get your teeth straightened.  

A Smile You're Proud of Will Boost Your Confidence
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If you're worried about your smile or feel self conscious because your teeth aren’t straight, it can negatively affect your confidence. You might hide your teeth away...worry about eating or laughing in public...or find that you don't socialize much or don’t push yourself forward. Having your teeth straightened and becoming proud of your smile can be a massive confidence boost -- which can help you in many different areas of life. 

Teeth Straightening Isn’t as Hard as It Used to Be
You might be putting braces off because you think the process is difficult. You do have to visit the dentist often, it can be painful as the teeth move, and breakages and other problems can cause damage to your inner cheeks and gums. Fortunately, metal braces aren’t the only option available anymore! AlignerCo offers invisible aligners that are much less painful and invasive -- and they're barely noticeable. 

Straighter Teeth Are Easier to Look After
Proper brushing and flossing are essential to oral hygiene...and they're both a big part of taking care of yourself. That said, it’s not merely a case of brushing for a couple of minutes and giving your teeth a cursory floss. To maintain good oral health, fight bacteria and plaque, and keep your teeth clean and healthy, it’s important that you thoroughly clean your teeth -- including those hard-to-reach areas where bacteria might grow. This is significantly easier to achieve if your teeth are straight. 

You Might Save Money
Teeth straightening is an expense, there’s no denying that. However, over your lifetime, teeth straightening could actually save you money. Straighter, easier-to-care-for teeth are less likely to need more costly dental treatment as you age. 

Adults Are More Likely to Stick with Aftercare
Braces and aligners work well, but the results won’t automatically last. Your teeth won’t stay straight forever if you don’t put in the effort to keep them that way. Most dentists recommend bedtime retainers -- at least some of the time -- to stop teeth from moving back to their original position. Teenagers are less likely to follow through with aftercare, happy to leave braces behind as soon as they're removed. Adults, in contrast, are more likely to stick to aftercare and keep their lovely new smiles for the long term. 

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