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Essential Health Checks You Should Be Making Time For #healthy2020 #optimalhealth #bewell

After taking a break in April, my #Healthy2020 series is continuing today! The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing four key personal health areas you should have regular check-ups for to ensure optimal health. This article may contain affiliate links.
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We all know we should take better care of ourselves, but how many of us actually do it? Doing so means eating a balanced diet packed full of fresh fruit and vegetables; getting plenty of sleep; exercising daily; and doing something for your mental well being like meditation, socializing, or taking part in a hobby that you love.  In addition to doing these activities daily to improve the condition of your physical and mental health, you should also get regular check-ups in key health areas. You may not notice health problems as they start to creep up, so having for a check-up is essential. Here are four key areas you should be getting a routine health check-up. 

Get a Hearing Check 
Hearing loss is something that really does creep up on you slowly. You may not notice your hearing has been dulled over time -- and it may take others pointing out that you appear to be having problems with your hearing before you realize it. Go for a hearing test. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, an audiologist will help identify the cause(s) and suggest a treatment plan. Treatments can range from having ear wax drained to getting a hearing aid. If you need a hearing aid, they have major technological improvements the last few years. Not only are they smaller and more subtle, they're also more comfortable to wear. You can even get smartphone hearing aids that connect to personal devices for total ease of use. To help your hearing health, you can also add some zinc, omega 3, and potassium into your diet. 

Check-In On Your Own Mental Health 
Don’t overlook your mental health. Stresses in our lives can build up. If you don’t pay attention to your emotional well being, you may find yourself becoming depressed or struggling with anxiety. Consider how you're feeling each day and identify any changes. If you notice stress, depression, and anxiety are becoming a major part of your life, then find ways of slowing down. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. You may also choose to look for a counselor who can help you to talk through problems in your life that are impacting your health. Dietary changes that can help your mental health include cutting down on caffeine consumption and eating more leafy greens, whole grains, and fresh berries. 

Get Your Eyes Tested
You may think you have 20/20 vision, but visual acuity can change over time. It's important to have your eyes/vision tested every two years. You may have subtle changes in your eyesight over time that cause you to strain when you'reading or looking at things. This, in turn, can cause headaches. If you’re a driver, it's vitally important that your eyesight is clear. Having a regular eye test will help ensure you can see hazards that could endanger your life.

Visit the Dentist 
There aren't many people who can say they truly enjoy visiting the dentist. However, regular dental exams are vital. Just because you don't have pains in your teeth doesn’t mean that there aren't issues brewing beneath the surface. A full inspection of your teeth will help your dentist spot the early signs of tooth decay. This will give them a head start in providing the right treatments and/or advice to help you avoid further damage. The more advanced warning your dentist has to problems affecting your teeth, the less likely you’ll need painful or expensive dental work. To protect your teeth, make sure you're including plenty of calcium in your diet. Excellent sources of calcium include dairy products, leafy green vegetables, nuts, and tofu. 

Keep an Eye On Your Physical Health
We all ignore aches and pains in our bodies, but often these are warning signs of things that we need to pay attention to. It’s worth having a general health check-up every now. Issues such as heart disease or cancer could be fatal, however having your blood pressure checked occasionally, or attending cancer screening will help you to get ahead of these major health concerns and give you a fighting chance of survival. 

The key takeaway here? Don’t overlook your physical health! Instead take the necessary time to regularly schedule the health exams outlined above. 

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