Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Five Things You Can Do to Come Out of a Pandemic Stronger than Before #quarantinelife #covid19 #strongerthanever

The COVID-19 global pandemic has definitely changed life as we know it! We're spending time inside our homes...and we're missing activities like dining out and going to the movies. This can be a stressful time...but it doesn't have to be! Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing five actions everyone can take to come out of this pandemic stronger than before. This feature may contain affiliate links.
Let’s get one thing perfectly clear: a global pandemic is not the time to amp up your productivity and put unnecessary pressure on yourself to compete with people you see on YouTube and other social media channels. It might look like people are coping "better" than you. It might look like they're working out more, having more fun, reading more books, or having a great time in general. However, keep in mind that you’re only seeing a very small fraction of their lives -- a snapshot if you will. What you see on social media is not the whole truth -- and it’s important to remember that!  Now that we have that in the open, let’s talk about what you can do to come out of this pandemic stronger than before. You might be surprised at what you learn, but using it to your advantage can make a huge difference to your mindset right now. 
(1) Accept Yourself and Your Emotions
The first thing you can do is learn to accept yourself and your emotions. Accepting yourself in a world that teaches you that you’re not enough is a bold move, which is why we must all reject those narratives and create our own. Insecurities you have are not yours -- they were simply given to you. Some were passed down, others were learned from the media...but they're not yours. Accepting your emotions is also important. There's no right or wrong way to feel; how you truthfully feel is the only "right" way. Honor that, and try to learn more about yourself from it. 
(2) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
Comparing yourself to others is futile, because nobody is the same. You have a ton of unique features and skills that only you possess. Instead of comparing yourself to others, take this quarantine time to celebrate everything that’s unique about YOU! Putting the focus back on yourself is a must. Ask yourself this: do you want a life lived worrying about what others are doing...or a life lived doing your personal best? 
(3) Learn to Listen to Your Body/Intuition
Stop second guessing yourself and learn to listen to your body and intuition. This is one of the most powerful things you can do. In a world that teaches us not to trust ourselves --especially women -- we need to strive for this with all of our might. If your body tells you something is wrong, then trust it! For example: you might search Google to see what coronavirus symptoms include, then convince yourself you have all sorts of ailments. In reality, something else totally different might be going on. Don’t look outside yourself all the time. Meditation can be a great help on the way to trusting yourself. In any given situation, try to take a deep breath before deciding what to do. Take a deep breath, sink deep into your stomach (i.e., your second brain), and make a decision from there. Don’t focus on what you "should" do.
(4) Find the Positives in Everything
Learning to find the positives in everything can be a great mindset tool. You can usually find several positives for every negative. Again, this doesn’t mean rejecting any negative feelings you have -- idt simply means you're not dwelling on them. 
(5) Form Better Habits 
When you feel ready, use this quarantine time to focus on new habits that will benefit you later on. For example: practice good sleep hygiene, try journaling, or take your vitamins every day. Focus on one thing at a time, and move on to the next habit you want to change only when you feel ready! 

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