Monday, June 29, 2020

Best Healthy Summer Snacks #healthy2020 #snackbetter #eatclean #snacksmartly

My #Healthy2020 series continues today with a look at Summer's best healthy snacking! I find that having healthy Summer produce and healthier frozen treats on hand in my kitchen encourages me to make healthier snacking choices during the hot Texas Summer. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing their top choices for healthy Summer snacking. This article may contain affiliate links.
Summer is officially here! During pandemic quarantine, that likely means backyard grilling and picnics -- including hotdogs and other Summer treats that may not be so healthy. Tempting foods can be hard to resist -- especially when everyone else is eating hamburgers and potato chips. If you're watching your weight, making long-term dietary changes, or simply tired of eating junk food, there are ways you can still enjoy Summer’s best snacks. Here are some of the very best healthy Summer snacks you can indulge in. These foods can be found at your local healthy snack manufacturer...or your local grocery store.


One cup of these magical berries has just 84 calories, and they're super healthy for you! For example: blueberries have compounds that thwart bad bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder, which helps prevent urinary tract infections. They're also high in antioxidants, which is great for your skin.

Frozen Grapes

Freezing grapes instantly gives you a refreshing snack, especially on a hot Summer day. One cup of popsicle-like frozen grapes has just 62 calories...and provides copper, vitamin K, and antioxidants.


Almonds are packed with fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamin E. They only have 100 calories per serving, and they also keep you satisfied because of their healthy fats. To keep calories in check, purchase pre-portioned almond packs -- they're a great option to take on the go.

Cucumbers and Olive Tapenade

This savory snack is perfect for a Summer day. All that you need is a quartered cucumber sliced into bite-sized pieces and a small amount of olive tapenade. One cup of cucumber slices has only 16 calories and a high water content, which helps prevent bloating. The olive tapenade served with the cucumbers offers copious amounts of monounsaturated fats.

Tofu Lettuce Wrap

If you're looking for a more substantial snack or light Summer lunch, this is one of your best snack options. All you need for this Summer delight is baked tofu, a big leaf of lettuce -- or whatever leafy green you have in your kitchen that's easily wrappable -- and a squeeze of lemon juice. This Summer snack provides protein and might even help reduce some cancers.

Hummus and Crunchy Veggies

Hummus and a few crunchy veggies are a great alternative to chips and dip...without having to compromise on crunch. The veggies provide plenty of crunch factor, while the hummus provides creamy flavor. Chickpea spread has lots of healthy protein and fiber, as well as being low in saturated fat. Two tablespoons of hummus provides two grams of protein, two grams of fiber, and only 70 calories.

Kale Chips

We get it. Chips are good...but have you considered turning your leafy greens like kale into a crunchy chip form? Kale is one of the supergreens, because a single serving has only 50 calories...but contains four grams of protein, nine grams of carbs, and more potassium than a banana. The best part about this Summer snack is that you can make it at home with minimal effort.

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