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Taking Responsibility for an Elderly Loved One's Well Being #healthy2020 #aging #eldercare

Aging is part of life...but having a happy, healthy post-retirement life isn't always an easy path. Today is another feature in my Healthy 2020 series. Many people have aging parents with health issues. How to help them live as independently as possible -- and determining whether it's better for them to be in an assisted living facility -- can be a challenge. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing some useful information about assisting our elderly loved ones. The article may contain affilate links.
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Sometimes, elderly people in your life will be extremely independent. They’re able to drive, socialize, complete housework, do their own shopping -- basically do everything necessary to maintain a good quality of life. For others, however, the story isn’t quite the same. Aging can be a difficult process, and some people will experience a range of physical or mental illnesses that make their daily life more difficult to carry out. As a result, they may become dependent on others to help them maintain a good quality of life. If you have an elderly loved one who falls into this second category, it’s very important that you closely monitor their situation and determine the best way to meet their needs and preferences. Here are some areas you might want to focus on for this process:

Assessing Independent Living
Sometimes, your loved one will only need assistance with a few tasks...or minor help them live comfortably in their own home independently. Fortunately, there’s a whole market of products specially designed to provide the elderly with support and care in their own homes. Products like stair lifts can help with stairs...or a move to an apartment or one-story home could do the trick. Walk-in baths also make bathing a lot easier. Installing a ramp in place of steps to the front door can provide easy access to mobility scooters rather than blocking entries. Making these small changes can help maintain your loved ones’ independence within their own home so they feel comfortable.

However, your loved one might be better off in a care facility. Perhaps they require around-the-clock care. Maybe they’re lonely and would rather live within a community. They might simply want to leave their old house behind and experience a change in scenery. In cases like this, you need to find the best care facility possible. You loved one's safety is crucial, so be aware of the types of abuse of elderly residents and their warning signs while you tours local care facilities. Read others reviews and recommendations. You want the best you can afford! 

Offering a Helping Hand
The elderly often won’t bother you with their troubles or difficulties, because they don’t want to feel like they’re being a burden. However, offering them a helping hand can make all the difference. If they want to go somewhere for a day out, take them! Try to arrange an outing at least once a month. If they have a doctor’s appointment, accompany them. Providing transportation and support can be a huge comfort to them. Sometimes a simple phone call is enough to bring a smile to their face and make their day. So...make an effort, offer help where possible, and keep them in your thoughts at all times. By doing so, you’ll greatly improve their quality of life. Make a little effort and take responsibility over some of their overall well being!

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