Thursday, August 6, 2020

Five Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Food #savemoney #cookingwithkids #eathealthy #comfortfood #socializeresponsibly

I'm a food blogger. That means I'm always looking for new foods to try...and flavorful recipes to create. Sometimes it's easy for me to forget that not everyone is a foodie...and some people struggle with enjoying food and cooking. Today, The Weekend Gourmet correspondent is sharing five great tips to help those of you who might have a love-hate relationship with food. This article may contain affiliate links.

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Food glorious food! We all enjoy eating our favorite tasty treats...I'm certainly no different. However, millions of people experience a love/hate relationship with food. Unfortunately, if you follow the same processes, it's inevitable that the same results will follow. However, making a few simple changes to shake things up can completely alter your feelings about food. The five steps discussed below show you how to improve your relationship with food.

Step 1: Socialize Responsibly In 2020

The only thing better than enjoying food is enjoying it with your family and friends -- safely socially distanced where applicable at the moment, of course. Mealtimes are one of the few remaining situations where diners can give everyone at the table their undivided attention. Given the current health concerns with eating in public spaces, small at-home dinner parties that adhere to your local COVID-19 rules/procedures are an ideal option right now. Whether you gather around the dining room table or enjoy an outdoor backyard BBQs is up to you. Either way, the ability to responsibly rebuild your social life can be a wonderful thing. In turn, your love of food is sure to grow!

Step 2: Learn to Create Comfort Foods

Comfort foods can take many forms. However, the most comforting recipes are those that have an emotional link. More specifically, they'll probably remind you of a family member's cooking from your childhood. There are plenty of resources to find recipes online. Combined with a little personalization to reflect the glory of your favorite childhood meals, you won't look back. If it's a simple meal -- like macaroni cheese -- you can whip up comfort meals for the ultimate "pick me up" when you're feeling down.

Step 3: Eat for Your Health

Delighting the taste buds is important. Still, you should never forget that food's primary role is to give you energy and help your body run efficiently. In addition to getting nutrients and a balanced diet, you should think about how nutrition can manage any health issues you have. Educate yourself to boost your quality of life, physically and mentally. For example: if eating leaves you feeling bloated or uncomfortable, getting tested for food intolerances may be necessary. Don't ignore warning signs of food-related health matters.

Step 4: Cook With the Kids

Cooking can be enjoyable, but you don't want it to stand in your way of spending time with loved ones. As a parent, combining cooking and family time is one of the smartest things you can do! In addition to cakes and treats, you can focus on mealtime -- why not make your own pizzas? Food presentation can also play a big role. Creative ideas like turning meals into fun shapes like faces or animal can work wonders. In addition to reigniting your love of food/cooking, cooking together is a great way to teach children about the importance of eating a balanced diet.

Step 5: Make Cooking Cheaper

Feeding a family isn't cheap. Even if you grow produce organically in the garden, your weekly grocery costs are likely among your biggest bills. Analyzing your food consumption levels for a few weeks will soon highlight where you're wasting money. Given that over one-third of food is thrown away, it's likely you'll soon discover where you can reduce food waste. In addition to changing your shopping habits, you may want to consider cooking in large batches and freezing meals for later in the week or month.

The role food plays in our lives is too big to ignore. So, it's important to make a conscious effort to increase your enjoyment -- and positive results will shine through in no time.

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