Thursday, August 27, 2020

Four Things No Food Lover Should Ever Have to Put Up With #foodieexpectations #lifeistooshortoeatbadfood #foodlovers

If you're a regular reader of The Weekend Gourmet? You're likely a gourmand aka "foodie!" You love good food -- whether it's cooking at home or dining out (where possible). To be honest, most true food lovers have pretty high expectations when it comes to the food and beverages we consume! Today, The Weekend Gourmet's correspondent is sharing a quartet of foodie faux pas that no foodie should have to put up with. This article may contain affiliate links.

When it comes down to it? All of us here are weekend gourmets! For us, food is more than just nourishment and sustenance. It’s comfort when we need's something that brings us closer to the people we’s a cultural touchstone that reminds us where we came from. Whether we’re pulling out dog-eared recipe cards inherited from a beloved family member -- or picking up a hot snack from our local fast food joint -- food is our passion. We're passionate foodies! We love cooking, we love smelling food, and we love tasting food. While some of us may have a bit of a love/hate relationship with some foods, it still means a lot to all of us. Junk food, healthy food, fancy’s all good! As gourmands, we have certain expectations when it comes to the foods we eat. There are some things no self-respecting gourmand should have to put up with. Like...Imageby RitaE via Pixabay

Horrible Post-Workout Snacks

Gourmands tend to eat a lot, so we recognize that need to work off some of those calories. After a good workout, it’s important to have a healthy snack with the right combination of protein, carbs, and amino acids to help restore body tissues worked in exercise so they can grow back stronger. However, that doesn’t mean we should put up with chalky, tasteless, artificial-tasting post-workout snacks. Instead of reaching for ready-made protein bars, perhaps you should make your own healthy, delicious post-workout snacks! 

Bad Coffee

Some folks say that coffee is like pizza: when it’s good, it’s very very good. But when it’s bad… it’s still pretty good! However, those people never had to survive on instant coffee...or even worse? Instant decaf! Even if you’re avoiding caffeine, there’s no reason why any gourmand should have to put up with a tasteless cup of joe. Fortunately, you don’t need to blow your budget on a fancy steam foaming bean-to-cup marvel to start your day in the best possible way! Take a look at these reviews of single serve coffee makers. You’re sure to find something to suit every budget -- and even the busiest lifestyle.  

Tasteless Vegan Alternatives

There are many gourmands who love good food but can no longer turn a blind eye to the ethical and environmental impact of animal-based agriculture. Just because you’ve switched to a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your palate for your ethics. The rise of vegetarianism and veganism means there's now a huge market of delicious vegan alternatives for traditional meat burgers, sausages, milks, and cheeses. If you can't locate a good vegan alternative for your favorite animal-based food, you can always make your own.

Disappointing Fast Food

Speaking of burgers, fast food is supposed to be an enjoyable, occasional treat. However, many fast food outlets play the volume game -- trying to rush out as many orders as possible....and as quickly as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with cold, poorly made, or haphazardly put together food just because it’s quick and inexpensive. In such instances, there are all kinds of acceptable reasons why it’s okay to politely send food back to be remade -- awkward as it may be. As a customer, never be afraid to send subpar food back to be remade -- that way, you can enjoy your food the way it’s supposed to look and taste!

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